Lynda Smith and her associates are experts in the South African Baby Boomer Industry and have developed a number of workshops that can be done in house or at Industry events. These include:

shutterstock_12499414The Next Chapter
A three hour workshop for employees/individuals over 50 who need to plan for their next life stage. An ideal workshop to do alongside a finance person in retirement workshops in companies. Read more (PDF)

shutterstock_50464876Finding Passion, Purpose and a Pay Cheque 50+
A keynote or workshop designed to help individuals to understand how to continue to work and contribute beyond their formal career. Read more (PDF).

shutterstock_5405182Conversation Café
A great process to help individuals and couples process their next life stage in a comfortable communication environment.¬†Please feel free to connect and discuss your company’s needs so that I can design and communicate effectively with the audience.

shutterstock_12022945Crossroads and Transitions
Time to reflect and learn from the lessons of life. This workshop uses the personal nuggets from Lynda Smith’s own journey to help women to plan and learn for their own journey. ( Ideal audience will be women)

shutterstock_61202143Becoming a Tech-Savvy 50+ Communicator and business owner
Online tools can be a major asset in planning and managing your business and life 50+. Many people in this demographic group need to be made aware of what is available and how to integrate into their life-business plan. This workshop helps anyone wanting to learn how to become tech-savvy.

shutterstock_62692672Discovering your PURPOSE in a fast paced demanding world
An interactive and engaging process to understand where your PURPOSE may be so that you can plan and build a fulfilling life. Read more (PDF).