Refirement Social Champions

Africa Food For Thought (AFFT)
Feeding Children. Bringing Hope

AFFT is a non-profit organization (NPO: 045/928), run largely by volunteers, and is essentially focused on equipping and supplying school feeding programmes. We are also involved in a number of community projects, self-help/empowerment projects and shelters and half-way houses. Our aim is to help those who need it the most: the vulnerable and marginalized. In total, we support more than sixteen thousand children. Always looking for volunteers to help with ad hoc projects as well as more dedicated volunteers who visit a number of child-headed homes monthly.

Prettify your Township
Connects people to causes

Prettify our Township is a NPO that focuses on arranging opportunities for volunteers to participate in a variety of activities in townships, which include painting murals for early learning centers.  Contact them to volunteer, arrange for a group activity for your company, school or community. |

partnerspic1Partners for Possibility
Putting school at the centre of community

The Programme facilitates cross-sectoral reciprocal partnerships between Business, Government and the Social sector.

Quality education for all children in South Africa by 2025.

Connects people to causes

Volunteer, donate and become involved with a cause for good.


1426333_500535996710903_647645026_npic3Business Engage

Maximize your growth and profits through networking, mentorship, training, collaboration and entrepreneurship development.


pic4 1966730_1434706813455087_1857228976369689732_n67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day

Stitch by stitch to keep thousands warm in winter. All products made by hand with love.