Top 10 places to engage in South Africa to understand what work opportunities exist 50+

The process of deciding what comes next once we leave the formal work environment depends on many factors. We help our children with career guidance but seldom do the same for ourselves. Use the time to engage in conferences, exhibitions, shows and websites to understand where and how to connect around opportunities. Here is a list of 10 places where opportunity may exist. Refirement Network. Subscribe to our newsletter, read articles on the changing world of work and register on our Skills ...

Second career coaching. Why do I need it?

The articles and emails come through my inbox and via social media daily.  The challenge of finding work beyond the age of 50. This is not a local issue but certainly being felt around the world. Refirement Network offers second career coaching. What does that mean?  The process is there to guide your thinking and to act as a reflection back to you around your own thoughts and fears. We all have ideas but the coach is there to check your thinking, stretch your ideas and help you to address yo...

Ten steps to prepare yourself for a career 50+

The world of work has changed over our lifetime and we also have two factors impacting this significantly for the Boomer generation. Living longer and technology are changing the way we need to plan. It is important to understand these changes to be successful. If we have not saved enough, we can plan to work longer and draw down on investments later. Find out your retirement age if you are still involved in the corporate sector. Is there any chance that you may need to leave before this date?  ...

Ten things to do to market yourself better for a 21st century world of work fifty plus

The world of work as we know it is changing at an exponential rate. We can no longer look for work or think about work the same way we did 20 years ago. Here are some tips on how to improve your chances and open yourself up to some great opportunities. The world of work in this season is more like contract work and being a solo-entrepreneur. Learn the skills needed to market yourself effectively. Take some time to understand how technology is changing the world around us. Get up to speed wit...

Top Ten Ideas for work 50+

This list will help you to think through some ideas of the kind of work possibilities that exist as you look at second careers. Remember the world is a constant changing place and we need to keep up and build our skills around technology to assist with many possible jobs on offer.  Here are some of my top ideas for you. Work in this season does not need to be fulltime but rather a mixture of work and play. Entrepreneurship is a choice many of need to make in this season. Make sure you know w...

Refire for energy and resilience

I spend a lot of time engaging with people about planning their next season of life. It normally is at a time when they are about to retire from their career where they have been for the past forty years. They all seem to have two concerns. How long will I live and do I have enough money to sustain myself? Very few at this stage ask questions about their health other than that they are exhausted and cannot wait to get to this line in the sand called retirement. In the great book published...

Invitation for business mentors and advisors

The Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) Enterprise Development Academy was developed with the view to unearth and develop South Africa’s entrepreneurial capacity by identifying innovative, commercially viable, and scalable businesses or ideas with potential for social impact. It is our view that South Africa needs to cultivate a culture of innovation in order to lead the development of new industries as a decisive response to the challenge of unemployment. Would you like to: Help ...

Better – a different kind of shared space

better building
As someone active in your second or third career you might have investigated shared office spaces as a place to work from. When you are consulting, or freelancing, or just want a place with WiFi to sit and work on your next book, these shared offices sound like a good alternative to the often noisy coffee shop. If you are at all like me (55 years old, with a portfolio career), you have found these places rather cold, corporate and, frankly, designed for a younger crowd with hard edges and a self...

A learning opportunity around LONGEVITY globally and what this means for individuals, companies and society

How does one start out on a learning journey about a new area in your life or learn more about a subject you are interested in? In the world twenty years ago, this meant taking up a degree, attending a conference or reading books about the subject. I know for myself when I started Refirement Network almost ten years ago I had to find a way to engage with thought leaders elsewhere in the world as there were very few locally who could engage in a conversation with me. I am grateful to the inter...

Twenty questions to ask yourself about WHY you may need a second career?

There is a great author and TED speaker who has helped many people to understand that asking the question WHY is critical to understanding yourself and influencing others.  Simon Sinek uses a term called The Golden Circle to help us understand the concept. Simon states that we need to know WHY we are doing something before we decide on the WHAT and the HOW. Most people in life start with the WHAT and HOW and have not defined their WHY. The world as we know it is changing. With this change we ...