Reflections on Life at 62 and the lessons learnt for others who are around 50

I have just turned 62. Today I want to reflect on my life over the past 12 years and hopefully there may be some lessons for those around the 50-year-old milestone. There have been many changes in my life in the past 12 years.  I will highlight some of them so that you can understand the amount of change that may happen to you over the next 10-15 years. At 50 I was a mom of two adult children, divorced and working in a dream job, making a difference. Both my children had just married, a...

Is South Africa on your travel bucket list?

It is a great honour for me to be one of the 50 speakers at the Virtual Aging without Borders Summit happening from the 26th February to 4th March. This is the first of its kind with speakers from many countries all interested in a specific section of aging. I have chosen to speak about the challenges South Africa faces as a nation. We have more than 50% of our population under 25 and have a high unemployment rate. Our aging population makes up only 8% of our population. My dream at Refire...

Build your own journey

The most profound book for me that has been published this year is The 100 year life - living and working in the age of longevity by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott. This statement below from their website explains the gift of longevity for society. “To make longevity a gift we believe nearly everything will change – the outcome is nothing short of a social revolution affecting everyone. How we work, how we gain our education, who and when we decide to spend our lives with and when we have chi...

Live, Work, Play By Mike Gray

In Tim Ferris’s book “the four-hour-work-week, ” he sets out an audacious idea he himself has lived. By changing from the normal suburban rat race lifestyle, dictated by every minute scheduled by others, to one where he takes control of his only two real assets in life … time and mobility. As a reviewer of the book says “Real wealth comes from time and mobility, as well as money, and those who have learned to build these dual additional currencies have become what Tim calls the “New Rich.” Th...

The Freebird Club – Social Enterprise & Impact – Refirement Network helps to grow this network in South Africa

This past week I was introduced to this wonderful new organisation focused on the the 50+ population around the world. Based in Ireland, but focused on a solution for income generation, engagement and sharing while we travel. This appeals to me. Many of us have extra space in our homes and by joining this club we can enjoy an income stream as well as learning and enjoying the company of others 50+ .   The Freebird Club is a travel-based social network for older adults, set up to p...

Put Foot – by Jenny Reid

       I have always loved to travel and when I turned 40 decided I had to do something that gave me credibility.  I came from a family of national and provincial sportsmen and women and I was the only one who could not do hop scotch without falling over. Climbing Kilimanjaro became my goal.  I was going to do it with my then business partner but he fell and broke his ankle and it was off.  I thought that this way maybe a sign until one day when a very dear friend of mine, Des Morehen, pho...

The Retirement Lifestyle Expo and going nowhere slowly in the Cape

It was a privilege to speak and share at the Retirement Lifestyle Expo in Cape Town at the end of February. It was both a consumer and trade event. The Trade conference brought together developers and general managers of Retirement Developments to discuss the challenges and opportunities in this industry in South Africa. There is clearly a new generation heading their way and the conference ended with many questions remaining unanswered as to what the future will look like. As a boomer are you p...

 Going Glocal

When I started Refirement Network around ten years ago, I wanted to clearly understand what the trend of longevity meant for the South African market. We reflect two sides of a coin. Many will live longer lives than previous generations due to better health and many may sadly not even see their 60th birthday due to poverty and poor health. We have about 2 million individuals 50+ who reflect the longevity trend. This group needs to engage, find purpose, work and enjoy life before old age arriv...

One million in my box

I have just finished reading a book called STUCK IN HALFTIME by BOB BUFORD. Bob has written a number of books relating to the shifts that happen about halfway through the journey of life. This particular book he wrote because he experienced many people being stuck and not being able to move from success to significance. The journey of turning the page to a new chapter of life is not as easy as it seems. We struggle because of fear, risk and certain worldly traits that keep us captive. In an e...

Call to Africa

 You may live here in Africa or if elsewhere on the planet a piece of your heart still belongs to Africa. You are a Baby Boomer heading towards retirement and not sure what you will do with your time. Have you ever considered a travel trip with a difference? If these statements have you nodding your head you may want to consider being part of helping me make my dream a reality. I run a company in South Africa called Refirement Network. The focus is on helping the Baby Boomer Generation ( tho...