A learning opportunity around LONGEVITY globally and what this means for individuals, companies and society

How does one start out on a learning journey about a new area in your life or learn more about a subject you are interested in? In the world twenty years ago, this meant taking up a degree, attending a conference or reading books about the subject. I know for myself when I started Refirement Network almost ten years ago I had to find a way to engage with thought leaders elsewhere in the world as there were very few locally who could engage in a conversation with me. I am grateful to the inter...

Creating a market for economic transformation for the 50+ generation in South Africa

We live in a world that is changing significantly both locally and internationally. Many in our Nation have retired early and others only really had the opportunity to enter the real job market through our political transformation later in life. The convergence of technology and longevity is changing what the world of work looks like. This brings opportunity and challenge and it will depend on your skills, health and attitude as to how you engage in this scenario. We have a large cohort of yo...

The Refirement 50+ Directory

Refirement Network has a vision and a dream. Our dream is to engage the skills of the older generation in income earning opportunities and transformation processes to build our economy. Longevity and technology are giving us a different future and we need to plan and think through our next life stage carefully taking all these new ideas into account. How are we going to do this? There are many ways to engage people via Corporates and in Communities. The Refirement Directory is one of the tool...

Convergence offering new opportunities for the older generation

The convergence of longevity and technology is changing our landscape dramatically. The signs of this change are hitting our shores like a tsunami on a daily basis. Are you prepared for this change and what it may offer you? Our parents headed into a shorter retirement period without the tools we now have. That means that we need to understand the differences and try and to capture the ones that make sense for our own personal lives. There are many heading towards retirement without enough sa...

 Going Glocal

When I started Refirement Network around ten years ago, I wanted to clearly understand what the trend of longevity meant for the South African market. We reflect two sides of a coin. Many will live longer lives than previous generations due to better health and many may sadly not even see their 60th birthday due to poverty and poor health. We have about 2 million individuals 50+ who reflect the longevity trend. This group needs to engage, find purpose, work and enjoy life before old age arriv...

Me,Myself and I

Social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are moving from early adopter to main stream stage around the world. I am interested in your thinking around how you use social media? Is your facebook only for friends? Why do you use twitter? Do you use skype only for family? Have you tried blogging? Once you have thought about these questions I would like to know if you have thought of an integrated social media strategy for your life? Why would you avoid sharing information on facebo...

Authentic Lives

"Professional and personal convergence - Just as the world of technology has bridged all elements of our lives, so is the case in our careers. When our personal and professional lives become more aligned, this creates what I call a sweet spot." This comment made after listening to Bill Gates discuss Web 2.0 this week. This is the way we should all strive to live to remain authentic in a constantly challenging world.

Family Connection in a global world

I have discovered that the wonderful tool of blogging has helped me to stay connected to my family. I have 2 brothers and a sister and between us we have 9 children. My two are married so the total number of people in the family is 20. The age range is from 12 to 74 ( my mom) We are living on 4 different continents and even those of us left in South Africa do not live in the same city. I would say that we are typical of many families all over the world dealing with globalisation and the challeng...

Focus and Direction

The new convergence of technology is causing an avalanche of information to arrive on our doorstep every day. The skill of knowing how to deal with important or urgent will become even more critical in the life of every human being. Do I read my emails? Do I answer calls? Do I write blog entries? Do I read my google alerts? My magazines and newspapers call daily. How much information can we take in and what is important to retain?..... and then there is still the human interaction. It will take ...

The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman

I have just finished reading this book. It is a very interesting account of technology and how the world is changing as a result of this change. I recommend it to any person who wants to understand how things are changing. Here is his final few lines of the book"I cannot tell any other society or culture what to say to its own children, but I can tell you what I say to my own : The world is being flattened. I didn't start it and you can't stop it, except at a great cost to human development and ...