Marco Polo- Marco Polo

What comes to mind when you read this headline? Memories of a history lesson understanding the exploration of Marco Polo the explorer or a game you played as a child? I am in fact not talking about either of these two scenarios but rather about a relatively new application that you can download on your smart phone. It is a video messaging application that connects you with both individual and group conversations. You send a video message. The person on the other side is notified that you have...

Building, retaining and extending talent for South Africa

I have had an unusual career, working for many years in early childhood education space in South Africa. At the age of 50 I changed direction and started looking at the current retiring generation in South Africa and what impact longevity and technology was having on this generation. I often say I have worked from cradle to grave in my work journey. South Africa is challenged on many levels but without a doubt education and job creation are two main drivers needed for sustainability and a pro...

A fresh homecare model for the caregiving industry

Press Release, February 2018 Issued by CareChamp   Meet CareChamp, a marketing and technology platform bringing qualified caregivers and care seekers together with the aim to provide excellent home care services. CareChamp provides short or long-term services to any person in need of caregiving – with a focus on the elderly in their own homes - starting from R35/hour for as short as 4 hours/day up to 24/7 frail care. CareChamp aims to modernise the caregiving industry by adding...

Refire 2018

Welcome to 2018. A year filled with possibility and hope. What do you have planned? Have you had time to rest and reflect on what you want to do this year? I thought I would start off this year with an overview of what Refirement Network will be offering this year. We exist to help educate, inspire and encourage anyone over 50 to ensure that this will be your best season of life- a legacy season. Here are our main offerings: Individuals and Couples: We offer one on one coaching and grou...

Designing a Legacy season 50+ for women

We have all been gifted with an extra season of life due to longevity and technology. This means that we need to be mindful and intentional around what this means for our own lives.  There are many similarities for men and women and then also many differences. I have designed a series of workshops for this process specifically for women. I have personally walked at least ten years of this legacy season myself and want to be able to share my journey while helping others to design their own. We...

Learning and sharing from my first online course for anyone 50+

I am about to complete my first online training course for anyone interested in designing a second career for themselves over the age of 50. The world of work has changed and we may not have saved enough money for a longer retirement. This may cause us stress, especially if we keep trying to use old methods of sending off CV’s to companies, feeling deeply depressed when we get no response. What are the answers? I do believe that technology and longevity are a gift. We need to open our eyes...

Top 10 places to engage in South Africa to understand what work opportunities exist 50+

The process of deciding what comes next once we leave the formal work environment depends on many factors. We help our children with career guidance but seldom do the same for ourselves. Use the time to engage in conferences, exhibitions, shows and websites to understand where and how to connect around opportunities. Here is a list of 10 places where opportunity may exist. Refirement Network. Subscribe to our newsletter, read articles on the changing world of work and register on our Skills ...

Ten steps to prepare yourself for a career 50+

The world of work has changed over our lifetime and we also have two factors impacting this significantly for the Boomer generation. Living longer and technology are changing the way we need to plan. It is important to understand these changes to be successful. If we have not saved enough, we can plan to work longer and draw down on investments later. Find out your retirement age if you are still involved in the corporate sector. Is there any chance that you may need to leave before this date?  ...

Ten technology tools for effective life, work and play 50+

Technology is changing the way we work, play and live. This process is opening up many opportunities for us and making life easier. These changes may be challenging you due to the fact that computers were the size of house when we were growing up. Take up the challenge of lifelong learning, be curious, lose your fear and start engaging. It will change your world. Smart phones, tablets and the internet have changed the way we engage and make life much simpler. Here is a list of ten of my favou...

Refire for energy and resilience

I spend a lot of time engaging with people about planning their next season of life. It normally is at a time when they are about to retire from their career where they have been for the past forty years. They all seem to have two concerns. How long will I live and do I have enough money to sustain myself? Very few at this stage ask questions about their health other than that they are exhausted and cannot wait to get to this line in the sand called retirement. In the great book published...