Hire out living books from your local library

Like every other taxpayer-funded public service, libraries have been hit hard by budget cuts during the economic slowdown of the past several years. Adding insult to injury, fewer people read, and those who do are increasingly likely to use e-readers instead of print books. Those forces have combined to send many libraries searching for new ways of doing business. One of the most innovative new initiatives comes from the City Centre Library in Surrey, British Columbia, which is scheduled to o...

On top of the world: A real life, local example of not retiring but refireing

Ten years ago Anton and Amor Barnes bought the perfect retirement spot in a beautiful part of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. Today they are anything but retired and working seven days a week running Karkloof Canopy Tours. It all started with a visit to Knysna eight years ago when they got the chance to experience South Africa’s first canopy tour in the Tsitsikamma Forest. They were instantly hooked. As fate would have it, canopy tour engineer Mark Brown was at Tsitsikamma at the same time and...


There are parts of our lives that we can control, and parts we can’t. One thing we can control is the way we choose to look at a situation or tackle a problem, and that is often the very thing that makes the difference. Financial advisers get to see this when they have discussions with clients about their lives and plans. Many clients are enthusiastic and energetic, others are depressed and demotivated, and some seem to be living for today and do not want to discuss any plans for the future. Thi...

Grandfathers turn adventurers for a good cause

Last December over mugs of steaming coffee and home-made rusks at Willie and Marian’s holiday home in Kleinmond, Willie de Jager (63) and Marius Hayes (60) had both read Riaan Mansers Book, Around Africa on my bicycle and were bitten by an adventure bug. The men decided to undertake a cycle challenge around the coast of South Africa and visit the 45 lighthouses along the way. The adventure became known as the Lighthouse Cycle Challenge. Phase 1 was a 10 day, more than 700km cycle challenge fr...

Life is not a Dress Rehearsal

I move around a lot and chat to many about their lives and plans for the future. I am amazed at some of the answers I get. Many are enthusiastic and energetic, others are already depressed and de-motivated and some seem to be living for today and do not want to discuss any plans for the future. I understand that life is complex and that situations can change in an instant. However I also believe that many wait for life to happen rather than being an active player in planning their future. ...

Discovering your dream plan and defining the next chapter of your life.

Born between 1946 and 1966, the boomer generation is beginning to enter what was previously referred to as the ‘retirement age’ .The first boomers turned 60 in 2006 and many people between 50 and 60 are now starting to question their next life stage. The world has changed and many of the dreams and plans that this generation may have made need to be reassessed. A small percentage have prepared financially and saved conscientiously all their working lives, a much higher percentage have change...