Vocation – work that matters

This is an extract from a book called Streams of Living Water by Richard J Foster. I love his definition of what work can look like. "So what does a Christian spirituality of work look like? I can give only the barest essentials here. We have a sense of calling, a God given ability to do a job linked with a God-given enjoyment in doing it. We have a sense of responsibility to do something in our own time that has value. We have a sense of freedom from the burden of the workaholic, for we are not...

What is LOVE?

It is amazing as we get close to 14 February how the marketing world hots up around this topic. Just like Christmas and other holidays, the marketers consume our minds and pockets about how important this time is. Daily I get Facebook reminders,emails, sms's all reminding me about what LOVE is???? I am not cynical or sad because I do not have a partner at this time. I am sad about what the consumer world is doing to us as humans. Love is one of the most important human elements of life and encom...

Disaster Management Strategy

This past week I visited Ground Zero where the greatest man made disaster of all time occurred. I also visited Patong Beach, Phuket 3 months after the Tsunami. The greatest naturel disaster to hit the world this century. I am amazed at the human power that emerges after such an event. What would our world be like if we cared enough to change lives every day rather than wait for a disaster?

The vision of REFIREMENT in Communities

Refirement Network has a vision to engage a specific demographic group- The 50+ generation called the Baby Boomers. This generation is heading for retirement in the next few years and due to longevity, technology and finance we need to change the way we plan this stage of life.We may have 25-30 healthy years beyond our 50th birthday. Have you planned how you will add value, keep earning and live in this extra season. In his book, The Abundant Community, John McKnight and Peter Block state the...

Refirement Story : Off the Beaten Track

William (Wim) LeMaire’s journey takes him off the beaten track – from the architecture of European universities to the jungles of Africa. This obstetrician’s story is not limited to birthing babies, but birthing a book too. Wim’s story begins in Belgium, where he grew up during the Second World War’s German occupation. He attended one of Europe’s oldest universities, medical school at the University of Louvain in Belgium. Wim’s internship year was spent in the USA – after he was granted speci...

Strengthened health workforce a prerequisite for ageing populations

World Health Day in 2012 focused on the vision of "Good health adds life to years" as the World Health Organisation attempts to draw global attention to ageing and health, and to highlight ageing as a rapidly emerging priority. On the occasion of World Health Day 2012, the Global Health Workforce Alliance emphasised the critical role that health workers have in caring for ageing populations and in the delivery of essential health care services. According to the WHO, in the next few years, for...

Your well-being is linked to engagement in work, caregiving, education & volunteering

Your well-being as you get older is linked to your active engagement in work, caregiving, education and volunteering A new research study from the Sloan Centre on Aging & Work at Boston College contradicts the widespread notion that older adults tend to disengage from major societal obligations and responsibilities. The study instead finds that older Americans are highly engaged in such activities, and that their well-being is directly tied to the level of engagement in these areas. Th...

Quick facts – The latest on retirement

In Sickness and in Health How one long-married spouse fares emotionally and physically can greatly impact the other. Recent research discovered a strong association between such depressive symptoms as loneliness, unhappiness, and restlessness, and physical limitations (i.e., cooking, climbing stairs). The link has been found among individuals, but never before to spouses, and suggests practitioners consider the health of the other spouse when treating their patient. Calculations for Couples ...

Why Work Is Good for Brain Health

Studies show staying active is good for your body and mind An active retirement boosts cognitive health. — Ben Hupfer/Corbis Studies are now revealing that having purpose in your life is the key to good health. Recent studies demonstrate that early retirement comes with risks, especially to your brain . A few months ago researchers from the RAND Center for the Study of Aging and the University of Michigan published a study showing that cognitive performance levels drop earlier in countries...


Memory training as a way to prevent memory loss 1. Why worry about memory? There is a current global trend towards aging populations. One consequence of this will be a shortage of old age facilities in the future. This means that c are in old age will be very expensive and also that young people will be burdened with looking after the elderly. A very common feature of the ageing process is loss of memory, always leading to dependence on others. But memory loss need not be an inevitable con...