Reflections on Life at 62 and the lessons learnt for others who are around 50

I have just turned 62. Today I want to reflect on my life over the past 12 years and hopefully there may be some lessons for those around the 50-year-old milestone. There have been many changes in my life in the past 12 years.  I will highlight some of them so that you can understand the amount of change that may happen to you over the next 10-15 years. At 50 I was a mom of two adult children, divorced and working in a dream job, making a difference. Both my children had just married, a...

A fresh homecare model for the caregiving industry

Press Release, February 2018 Issued by CareChamp   Meet CareChamp, a marketing and technology platform bringing qualified caregivers and care seekers together with the aim to provide excellent home care services. CareChamp provides short or long-term services to any person in need of caregiving – with a focus on the elderly in their own homes - starting from R35/hour for as short as 4 hours/day up to 24/7 frail care. CareChamp aims to modernise the caregiving industry by adding...

The power of time

The retirement date looms on the horizon and you can’t wait for the big day. Life at work is no longer fun and there are days when you feel the stress may kill you. The day arrives, you celebrate with your colleagues and you walk out of the door. Maybe you even received a “gold watch”? This is the world of how most people still see retirement. They dream of many things they will do to fill their time. Holidays, fixing up the house and having time to visit friends and use their pensioners card...

Saying “yes” opened a whole new world to me – by Pia Kemppainen

I will be returning to my beloved South Africa this February. Two years ago, I spent eleven magical weeks in South Africa and those weeks played a great role in transforming my life. Those weeks gave me the strength that I needed to pursue my purpose, my “ikigai”, in life. Instead of having a corporate career, I was put on this earth to inspire and help people realize their goals. Ikigai (生き甲斐) Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning "a reason for being". Everyone, according to the Japanese, has ...

The sudden arrival of caregiving in our lives

The middle generation between young and old is called the sandwich generation. This generation is often caring for both children and their elderly parents at the same time. The younger baby boomers may still be in this space and overlapping and coming soon to many in the X generation. It comes suddenly for many and the stress added to your already full schedule can be overwhelming. My mom was independent for most of her 22 years beyond the age of 60 with some help needed when she had eye oper...

Will your life be a tragedy or a legacy ?

None of us start out in life with this statement top of mind. If we have been lucky and had parents who have impacted our early years , we continue as young adults searching for success, marriage, parenthood or any other milestones that may define our lives. Few of us give much thought to what life may be like later in life, other than saving for this point many years away called retirement. Longevity and living longer is changing the way we need to manage our life earlier to prepare us for a li...

Refire for energy and resilience

I spend a lot of time engaging with people about planning their next season of life. It normally is at a time when they are about to retire from their career where they have been for the past forty years. They all seem to have two concerns. How long will I live and do I have enough money to sustain myself? Very few at this stage ask questions about their health other than that they are exhausted and cannot wait to get to this line in the sand called retirement. In the great book published...

Legacy, family and birthday celebrations

I have just finished attending the Retirement Lifestyle Expo in Cape Town. Over lunch yesterday one of the ladies joined me at and shared about how much she had enjoyed my talk about finding passion, purpose and a pay cheque 50+.. She shared about how she loves to listen to stories from older people and would love to record them so that their families have them when they are no longer here to tell the stories.I know this is something I always encouraged my mom to do for us as she was the oldest ...

Life changes in an instant

As long as I live I will never forget these words. I was on holiday in the UK with my son and at around 8 pm my phone rang. It was my Thai son-in-law. He was crying and said these words “Mom please come". Bronwyn, my daughter had been in hospital for about a week struggling with severe joint pains, a rash and then a cough. She started coughing up blood and her team of doctors were waiting for blood test results from Bangkok to try and make a diagnosis. On the Wednesday she was moved from...

The story of the black mittens

On the 15th May I went past my Mom's home to give her the post I had just collected from the post office as well as to say good-bye as I was going down to Cape Town for a few days. We chatted for a few minutes next to my car and I asked my mom a favour. Last winter she had knitted me a pair of beige mittens that I found very useful early in the morning during our odd cold spells.Most of my wardrobe in winter is black, so I asked her to please knit me another pair in black for this year. The next...