Reflections on Life at 62 and the lessons learnt for others who are around 50

I have just turned 62. Today I want to reflect on my life over the past 12 years and hopefully there may be some lessons for those around the 50-year-old milestone. There have been many changes in my life in the past 12 years.  I will highlight some of them so that you can understand the amount of change that may happen to you over the next 10-15 years. At 50 I was a mom of two adult children, divorced and working in a dream job, making a difference. Both my children had just married, a...

Marco Polo- Marco Polo

What comes to mind when you read this headline? Memories of a history lesson understanding the exploration of Marco Polo the explorer or a game you played as a child? I am in fact not talking about either of these two scenarios but rather about a relatively new application that you can download on your smart phone. It is a video messaging application that connects you with both individual and group conversations. You send a video message. The person on the other side is notified that you have...

Looking for professional, skilled, passionate South Africans over 50

There are more than 2 million skilled people over 50 in South Africa. This is an amazing resource and asset for South Africa and can form an integral part of strategies to help bring about economic transformation and improve social cohesion. A new company has just been launched that is focused on this vision. The company is called 50Plus-Skills. Currently we are looking for individuals who are retired, close to retirement, entrepreneurs 50+ and anyone else who feels that they fall into this c...

Building, retaining and extending talent for South Africa

I have had an unusual career, working for many years in early childhood education space in South Africa. At the age of 50 I changed direction and started looking at the current retiring generation in South Africa and what impact longevity and technology was having on this generation. I often say I have worked from cradle to grave in my work journey. South Africa is challenged on many levels but without a doubt education and job creation are two main drivers needed for sustainability and a pro...

Over-50 skills for a successful SA

“Imagine a South Africa where we all have one goal: to build our economy.”  Retire Successfully Retirementor, Lynda Smith, helps people refire rather than retire. Now she aims to transform the face of employment in South Africa. Lynda has created a skills portal where over 50s who have expertise and experience can connect with employers seeking just that kind of employee. Lynda shares how her dream became a reality. In 2009, I studied social entrepreneurship at GIBS. I used my c...

South African leader Lynda Smith shares her country’s longevity challenges and opportunities

Lynda shares her personal journey and elements of her encore work: As I reached the age of 50 I was at a crossroads. I had just finished working on a four-year project and my children married and moved to live globally. A good friend challenged me to look at what the trend of longevity and technology may mean for South Africa and I found myself on a new steep learning curve. This was 10 years ago and what a journey it has been. Marc Friedman’s book Encore – Finding Work That Matters in the ...

Building your brand and becoming an entrepreneur 50+

The message out there is that the world of work has changed and that we all should work longer. In many cases this may mean becoming an entrepreneur and building your own brand. The best way to tackle your current situation if you have not saved enough is to try and clear debt, decrease your expenses and clutter, live simply and work longer. The longer you can allow your investments to grow and live off what you earn in a simplified life, the better chance you have of a financially positive l...


I am sure that we all can reminisce around the song from Crosby Still Nash and Young called Teach your Children well. Here are the opening lines to remind you: You who are on the road Must have a code that you can live by And so, become yourself Because the past is just a good-bye. Teach your children well. I have been compiling a list of skills that we can use for our Skills Platform (live soon) and the word that came to mind was TEACH. Just teach what you know. This is how Wi...

A fresh homecare model for the caregiving industry

Press Release, February 2018 Issued by CareChamp   Meet CareChamp, a marketing and technology platform bringing qualified caregivers and care seekers together with the aim to provide excellent home care services. CareChamp provides short or long-term services to any person in need of caregiving – with a focus on the elderly in their own homes - starting from R35/hour for as short as 4 hours/day up to 24/7 frail care. CareChamp aims to modernise the caregiving industry by adding...

Dreams, time and seasons

In 2007 as I turned 50 I found myself at the end of a great season and grappling with what may come next. My children had left home, were both married and the work I was doing came to an end through the sale of the company I was working for. It was a time to end one season and grapple with what may be next? It was a scary place. I am sure there are many who reach this point in their lives. It was the combination of empty nest, aging and wanting to ensure that whatever I did next would be somethi...