Looking for professional, skilled, passionate South Africans over 50

There are more than 2 million skilled people over 50 in South Africa. This is an amazing resource and asset for South Africa and can form an integral part of strategies to help bring about economic transformation and improve social cohesion.

A new company has just been launched that is focused on this vision. The company is called 50Plus-Skills. Currently we are looking for individuals who are retired, close to retirement, entrepreneurs 50+ and anyone else who feels that they fall into this category.

Are you eligible?

Skills can be defined as someone who can add value to someone else. They will have a generous heart and an open mindset. They may have been a CEO, a parent or an employee. The range is wide and has many options to define skills. The most important one is a willingness to serve and help to build the future of South Africa. This may mean helping to come alongside a young entrepreneur, teaching, mentoring or facilitating. It could also mean giving up one morning a week to read to children at a school close to you to improve the literacy of our children.

You may find yourself at this point needing to still earn a living and to allow your investments to keep growing. You have skills and want to engage to mentor, teach, consult. The list here is endless. The most critical thing is to be clear about what you want to do and how you want to offer your services. This platform will help you to market what you do and to find clients. They will also be able to find you. You may teach social media skills, be a handyman, teach sewing, coach, teach music. Again, the list is endless, and we are all unique.

Are you concerned about the state of our country and wanting to help in some way? This platform will help you to list how you can help and build bridges to find organisations in the social sector desperate for help from skilled individuals.

We have been gifted with an extra season of life and hopefully will live for much longer than previous generations. One of the most important things we need in this season of life is a reason to get up and to stay engaged. Volunteering and engaging as part of your plan for this season can be fulfilled by joining this platform.

50 Plus-Skills believes that we all can learn, serve, earn and connect to improve our vision for the future both for ourselves and the country. The learning includes a half day life planning workshop for all members plus regular newsletters and broadcasts.

Do you fit the profile? Join today and become part of the movement. The cost is R500 per annum.

Go to www.50plus-skills.co.za to register.






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