A fresh homecare model for the caregiving industry

Press Release, February 2018
Issued by CareChamp


Meet CareChamp, a marketing and technology platform bringing qualified caregivers and care seekers together with the aim to provide excellent home care services.

CareChamp provides short or long-term services to any person in need of caregiving – with a focus on the elderly in their own homes – starting from R35/hour for as short as 4 hours/day up to 24/7 frail care.

CareChamp aims to modernise the caregiving industry by adding a technology layer to streamline processes, simplify the way to identify the right caregiver for individuals and families in need of care and ensure ongoing quality control through ratings.

The Web Application includes elements such as: Online bookings; Scheduling; Automated Payments; Time tracking through GPS check-in and check-out; Ratings of caregivers; as well as Care Reports generated and sent to clients.

CareChamp also enables clients to select their favourite candidate from a pre-selected number of “matched caregivers” according to the client’s profile – all by being able to view written as well as video introductions about the caregivers.

“Whilst technology enables to improve service delivery and reduce costs compared to traditional caregiving placement agencies, the most important element remains to source and vet the best caregivers. In order to achieve this, we have partnered with a training company that runs a “one-year health care assistant course” and have trained professional caregivers across South Africa.” says Klopper, Founder of CareChamp.

All caregivers listed on CareChamp are certified, checked for medical records and police clearance.

Whilst CareChamp focuses on non-medical services through caregivers – it also partners with Registered Nurses for specialized services such as wound management and to assist with initial home assessments and care plan creations.

“We also believe in a holistic care approach. Hence we are offering mobility aids and homecare furniture in our online store delivered to our patients doorstep, and soon we will branch out to wearables assisting elderly to live a healthier and saver life in their own homes.” Klopper continues.

CareChamp’s services are available in major centres nationwide in South Africa. See www.carechamp.co.za for more information.

Contact: Sylvia Klopper

  • care@carechamp.co.za
  • 087 944 6299

2 thoughts on “A fresh homecare model for the caregiving industry

  1. Theo Reineke says:

    We aim to start a home caregiver business in Hillcrest, Durban.
    Can you point us in the right direction please.

    1. Lynda Smith says:

      Contact Margie Van Zyl at the SA Care Forum.

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