Refire 2018

Welcome to 2018. A year filled with possibility and hope. What do you have planned? Have you had time to rest and reflect on what you want to do this year? I thought I would start off this year with an overview of what Refirement Network will be offering this year. We exist to help educate, inspire and encourage anyone over 50 to ensure that this will be your best season of life- a legacy season.

Here are our main offerings:

Individuals and Couples:

We offer one on one coaching and group coaching around three main areas:

  • Retirement Life Planning called The Next Chapter
  • Career Transition Coaching called Finding passion, purpose and a pay cheque 50+
  • Assessments to help you plot and navigate what may need to change.

All these sessions can be done face to face or online.

We have added a new section this year for Women 50+

This is a series of 6 modules helping women to design their next season around the age of 50 and beyond. The trigger may be empty nest or the end of a professional career. A time to reflect and design your best season yet. A season of legacy. The 6 modules cover Identity, Purpose, The Next Chapter, Second Careers, Communication and Legacy.

These courses will be offered online on a global platform in partnership with Age without Borders.

The public sessions can be booked as 3 consecutive workshops, a month apart or as a two-day retreat. Please speak to me if you are interested in these for your church, company or community.

Business, Government and the Social Sector

Refirement Network is a niche agency focused on the future of how longevity and technology is changing the world of work for employees 50+.  We can help and assist in the following ways:

  • Strategy around how this trend is impacting your employees, customers and members.
  • Workshops for your older employees to prepare for their next season.
  • Producing content to assist you to educate your customers.
  • One on one coaching for your senior employees
  • Helping to find co-generational solutions for transformation.


There are many transitions that people go through around the age of 50 and very little support is offered to this generation. Refirement Network offers the opportunity to help ignite groups around the world who can support their 50-65-year olds to plan their legacy season. This is done by identifying a champion within your community and then guiding and supporting the process via an online course and dialogue. The process is then supported via a master group of church leaders.


The best process of change happens at a community level. A community may be defined by a group within a defined environment, a suburb or a town.  Refirement Network offers the opportunity for any person desiring to build such a community to engage in an online course to build a framework and then to be supported via a master group of community leaders.

Tools and Resources

Refirement Network offers many tools and resources to assist you in learning and growing into your best season yet.

  • Social media platforms
  • eBooks
  • Content
  • Assessments
  • Events
  • Newsletters
  • 50+ Directory

Please engage with us to discuss your needs. We all grow and learn together. That is what needs to happen organically in the current fast changing world we live in. Take charge, be intentional and change your world.


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