Designing a Legacy season 50+ for women

We have all been gifted with an extra season of life due to longevity and technology. This means that we need to be mindful and intentional around what this means for our own lives.  There are many similarities for men and women and then also many differences. I have designed a series of workshops for this process specifically for women. I have personally walked at least ten years of this legacy season myself and want to be able to share my journey while helping others to design their own.

We arrive at our fiftieth birthday with fear and trepidation as well as some excitement. This is a major birthday in our journey and at the same time much is changing around us. Some positive and some negative. Children leaving home, parents ageing and becoming more our responsibility and husbands (if you have one) entering the peak of their career. For the first time in many years you may start to have more time available if your children have gone off to study, married or starting to flap their wings around leaving the nest. You may be a stay at home mom, been working and juggling life or working for many years at your own professional career. You may be satisfied, fearful or excited about what lies ahead. You may be divorced, remarried, single or married and not sure what the future looks like financially.

Planning a new vision board for your life at age 50+ or 60+ is very different from doing this exercise as a young person starting out at 25. We arrive at this life stage with skills, experiences and have lived a full life. The challenge is to understand who you are now, what the new world of technology and longevity offer, understand your current money story and then design your next season.

Professor Lynda Gratton, who has written the book called” The 100-year life” talks about longevity being a gift or a curse. We all want the gift and the opportunity to leave a legacy, but this will not happen unless we understand and spend time designing and building the process.

In 2018 I am offering these workshops online globally and face to face wherever I can. There will be small groups of friends who may want to do this together or groups in the workplace or through churches.   I will also be doing public groups.

We all matter and are all unique. We are meant to live a life of legacy and leave an impact. For each of us this will look different.  Start 2018 with this in your diary. You will not regret the time you spend understanding yourself better, engaging with friends and other women who are grappling with similar challenges. The ability to look up, feel good about who you are and where you are going will give you the passion and energy to celebrate this new season.

Lynda Smith is an accredited retirement life coach and counsellor.

Lynda can be contacted via her website at or

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