Refirement Skills Bank Survey Results

Over the past few weeks I have run a survey around my vision for a skills bank for the older generation. The value in the skills bank is not just to find a way to earn but also a place to give back. The information gathered will help us make some key decisions around the model needed to move forward. I always value feedback and insights both from those over 50 and business and social sector. Here are some of the results. Thank you for your input. I appreciate you.

  1. 88 people took the survey.
  2. 65% female and 35% male.
  3. 31% already retired
  4. 92% between the ages of 50-65
  5. 85% say they still need to work after formal retirement
  6. 98% want to make a difference in South Africa
  7. 53% are working as entrepreneurs
  8. 86% would like to join a membership based skills bank.
  9. 63% would like to work flexi-time
  10. 20% are trying to find work in the formal economy
  11. 84% are prepared to pay to belong to a skills bank
  12. 70% know what a career coach is
  13. 62% are prepared to work with a career coach
  14. 86% are on Facebook
  15. 90% are prepared to donate some time to grow others and volunteer.

Some added individual comments from the survey:

  • Working and sharing experience and knowledge into retirement is a privilege not a chore.
  • Currently working in UK as a carer. Unable to find work in SA.
  • LOVE THIS ONE-Spelling needs correcting on this sheet. :-) Retirement…. not refirement
  • In Pennington we have a huge group of well qualified people who seem to just do NOTHING constructive with their time. How to penetrate that group?
  • Would appreciate workshops on how to start own company
  • Would love to help nursery schools in my near vicinity
  • Would like to be part of this
  • Would appreciate interaction with others in the same position
  • I am crafting a post retirement journey myself; but interested to see what you bring to the table
  • I think for freelancers its wonderful to have a network to connect with
  • Going on 71 and still actively making a difference
  • A great initiative, networking with other entrepreneurs helps everyone
  • I’m currently very active in this area – We are addressing multiple areas we feel need SERIOUS attention in South Africa
  • Looking forward to new work opportunities

Written by Lynda Smith, CEO of Refirement Network.

3 thoughts on “Refirement Skills Bank Survey Results

  1. Kay Darbourn says:

    Thanks for the feedback Lynda – really helpful to see what people are looking for!

  2. Moira Allan says:

    Exciting to see that 98% wanted to make a difference in South Africa. Could we have an exchange on “how” and “what”?

    1. Lynda Smith says:

      Moira, this survey was done to gain insight to how individuals 50+ were feeling about this topic. The How is the skills bank and the what is going to depend on passion, purpose and needs to engage. We were delighted with the high percentage of people who want to get involved. next meeting happening 11 November to decide on next steps.

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