Learning and sharing from my first online course for anyone 50+

I am about to complete my first online training course for anyone interested in designing a second career for themselves over the age of 50.

The world of work has changed and we may not have saved enough money for a longer retirement. This may cause us stress, especially if we keep trying to use old methods of sending off CV’s to companies, feeling deeply depressed when we get no response.

What are the answers? I do believe that technology and longevity are a gift. We need to open our eyes to the possibilities that exist and then design and navigate our own unique path.  In most cases the journey may be as an entrepreneur. You are then in charge of the design, skills offered and can create your own unique service to the market.

The fact that the course is done online may be stopping you? You may never have done this before. I want to encourage you to be bold, courageous and to step out and say yes to a new way of learning. The online process may open your mind to many ways in which you too can use this technology for your own benefit.

Here are some comments from my first course:

  1. Just loving your course Lynda Smith. The second week’s homework on refining my purpose, asking myself some unique questions has been a lot more intense than I thought. What has come up so far was staring me in the face and niggling at my being and yet I had ignored this. Thank you for pushing me to see this
  2. Dear Lynda, thank you again for your second presentation on Monday. It certainly got me thinking creatively of how to structure and plan my second career, with the help of the list of questions and the diagram. I also found your encouragement of learning and USING modern technology of great value.
  3. What interested me was that our “longevity “has increased by 30 years…according to my birth year I should live till about 91 years old. So, I still have another 35-40 years of “work” ahead of me. That is why it is so important to find something passionate and meaningful to do. It also fascinates me how there are so much opportunity out there with regards to technology (something I am still grappling with) …. you also don’ have to stick to one thing…
  4. This post mirrored my feelings of needing time and space to really reflect. The questions are deep and can be catalysts for meaningful change in my life so I really want to give time for deep thought. Thanks Lynda for giving us the longer option as well.

I have loved the engagement and watching each person move forward with their vision and plan for their next season. I find this work so fulfilling to be able to help others discover and start walking in their next season. Please come and join us on our next course. This is not limited to a South African audience but open to anyone around the world who would like to engage. One of our delegates has been travelling while doing this course and has done so from a yacht in the Greek Isles and then in Germany. Technology allows us all to engage, learn and be together.

Step out, be bold, invest in yourself and get excited about your future.

4 thoughts on “Learning and sharing from my first online course for anyone 50+

  1. Mary Kelly says:

    I am very interested in your next course,Lynda.
    Please inform

    1. Lynda Smith says:

      Hi Mary, I sent you an email. Did you receive it?

    2. Lynda Smith says:

      It will only be in 2019. The one we are currently doing is the last one for this year. Please stay connected on social media to stay informed.

  2. Natalie says:

    I am interested in doing your course, Lynda. Please could you advise details of such.
    Many thanks

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