Learning is fun

This past four weeks I have been on an online learning course and learning more about digital literacy. When we grew up we learnt to read and write and once we were literate, we could manage our way to success through an education and then finding work. The world has now changed. Digital literacy, different from computer literacy is the new literacy needed for communication for work and life today.

I have known for some time that I needed to do this course if I wanted to improve my ability to remain relevant and continue to earn. It has been a fun experience, taken me out of my comfort zone and I have sensed an inner excitement about some of the things I have learnt. It feels empowering to learn something new.

So, what have I done so far that I have not done before. I have learnt about doing live video on some social media platforms. Video is becoming the new way experts are communicating with their audience. I have downloaded a book we needed to read for the course on Audible and been listening to this in my car. It is amazing how much learning we can do through an audio channel while driving or doing our daily exercise routine. I have learnt about the 24-hour social stories channel on many platforms. I have used it on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. These stories only last for 24 hours and you can add many effects and be creative in the way you share more about your day, your learning and your life. It has become a great medium for the younger generation.

I have also learnt about MOOC’s.  Wikipedia describes it as follows:

A massive open online course (MOOC /muːk/) is an online course aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web. In addition to traditional course materials such as filmed lectures, readings, and problem sets, many MOOCs provide interactive user forums to support community interactions among students, professors, and teaching assistants (TAs). MOOCs are a recent and widely researched development in distance education which were first introduced in 2006 and emerged as a popular mode of learning in 2012.

The MOOC most well know is Udemy. We were challenged to go and buy a course on a subject of interest and to discover this wonderful world of lifelong learning. Luckily, there was a sale and the courses were being sold at ridiculous prices. I shared it on my Facebook feed and individuals shared what they had bought. The sky is the limit. From engineering, architecture, cooking, photography, data analysis, social media marketing and building your own online courses.  One can learn almost anything of interest through these online platforms.

This course has brought some routine, reading, stretching and learning into my life. It feels good to use my brain, challenge myself and enjoy the achievement.

My challenge to you is to do something new. We have more time for leisure in this season. Instead of only doing recreation, use some of the time to re-create and broaden your mind and ability. It may be for improving your skills for a hobby, or for improving your skills for your income. As Nike says: Just do it.

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  1. Thank you for these encouraging words. I like your saying :”Just do it!” When I was still in full time employment as Senior HR Manager I often used the “Motto” to show to people that this :Just do it” must be part of a positive mind and attitude which forms part of the competency model. The other parts are our skills and knowledge. I have another “motto” _ we are NEVER too old to learn!

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