Top 10 places to engage in South Africa to understand what work opportunities exist 50+

The process of deciding what comes next once we leave the formal work environment depends on many factors. We help our children with career guidance but seldom do the same for ourselves. Use the time to engage in conferences, exhibitions, shows and websites to understand where and how to connect around opportunities. Here is a list of 10 places where opportunity may exist.

  1. Refirement Network. Subscribe to our newsletter, read articles on the changing world of work and register on our Skills Bank.
  2. Franchising is alive and well in South Africa. With over 550 franchised brands and close to 30 000 franchised outlets in SA, it is a very developed market. Although buying a franchise in South Africa is not an easy way to owning your own business, in some cases it is a lot easier than starting from scratch. Please make sure you discuss this with your financial advisor.
  3. Direct Selling. The Direct Selling Association (DSA) is a national business association founded in 1972 representing member direct selling companies that distribute goods and services through independent contractors (also referred to as direct sellers, distributors, consultants, managers, sales agents, and independent business operators, amongst others) directly to consumers, away from a fixed retail location.
  4. The demand or gig economy is a place where there are many opportunities to make money depending on your skills and time. From teaching English, to doing surveys, driving to house sitting. The sky is the limit. This is also a place where you can engage globally via technology with many of the opportunities.
  5. The Entrepreneur Magazine will give you lots of ideas and places to contact. Use this as a learning tool to help grow your awareness and skills.
  6. The South African Freelance Association will be a place to engage if you are a writer or editor.
  7. LinkedIn is a platform where you can build your profile and work history and then look for available work in your field of expertise.
  8. Job sites like Career 24, Gumtree, Recruit My Mom and many others may offer some opportunities. It is a case of listing your skills and details and hoping for the right opportunity.
  9. Join a local chamber, networking organisation or church group to get out and network. The wider you engage the better the chances will be for you to find a solution.
  10. Take a course and learn a new skill that may open up an opportunity for you.

The possibilities are endless but not easy. It becomes easier when you have done the work of fine tuning your options and understanding your road to navigate.

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