Who can coach and how does it help?


Why do I need a coach?

The world of coaching is a growing market both for coaches and those looking for help and guidance around a specific kind of coaching. The business world is hiring coaches to help individuals, both personally and professionally in certain positions to gain confidence, impact business and adjust to mergers and new positions within the workplace.

I am a Retirement Life Coach and can speak more about this is my field of expertise. I entered this field ten years ago and looked globally for expertise in the field of coaching the baby boomer generation from their professional career into the plan for life beyond this space. It has taken me ten years of working with different clients, reading and learning about this process and ensuring that I have a wide knowledge beyond the accreditation to help my clients. The challenge in this ever changing disruptive world we live in means that looking backwards to learn from the past does not always serve us best. A coach allows an individual the space to be challenged and to gain perspective as they journey together.

The formal accreditation in this space is also broad and will depend on the direction you are wanting to take. I do believe that some of us are natural coaches and the accreditation helps to formalise our qualification, but does not mean that you become an awesome coach.

When looking for a coach, look collectively at what else the person has done, references from other clients and how this person will improve your situation.

Coaching allows a safe space to think and discuss your future plans and development. Often we do not feel able to discuss certain challenges and issues with our work colleagues and this kind of process enables a space for growth to happen.

A coach can often trigger, challenge and encourage individuals to think deeply so that the decisions made are optimum moving forward.

At the end of the day it is key to understand your needs and then to investigate and find your ideal coach. Use your network, the internet and references to help you find the right people. The world has changed and your ideal coach may not even be local. The internet has many great coaches working across cyberspace with clients globally.

The length of time that you will need to work with a coach will depend on your needs. The relationship that builds and the reason for a coach may mean that after a number of months this process ends or may continue for a number of years.

We live in a challenging world. We get one chance to be the best we can be and working alongside someone may be just the right thing to do right now.

Lynda Smith is a Retirement Life Coach and can be contacted via her website: www.refirementnetwork.com

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