Ten technology tools for effective life, work and play 50+

Technology is changing the way we work, play and live. This process is opening up many opportunities for us and making life easier. These changes may be challenging you due to the fact that computers were the size of house when we were growing up. Take up the challenge of lifelong learning, be curious, lose your fear and start engaging. It will change your world.

Smart phones, tablets and the internet have changed the way we engage and make life much simpler. Here is a list of ten of my favourite platforms that I use every day.

  1. Facebook
    This is one of the first places I go every day.   A quick catch up with friends and family as well as news and interest from groups I belong to. I have a personal page as well as a business page for Refirement Network. I also have a number of Refirement Group pages for different communities around South Africa. This platform also gives you private messaging and the ability to call anyone in your network using data. Live video is becoming a key way in which I engage to learn from experts as well.
  1. Skype
    I have children, grandchildren, friends and family on four continents. I am grateful every day for these kinds of platforms that allow me to engage and see them as we have a conversation. This platform also allows me to connect with business owners for discussions as well as using this platform for coaching.
  1. WhatsApp
    This amazing platform makes communication easy for small groups as well as with individuals. Picture sharing, calls and video are now also available. It can be used for projects, church groups, event planning and reporting. Being able to drop location pins is also valuable.
  1. Waze
    Outsmarting traffic and getting around without stress when you don’t know exactly where you are going makes this an all-time favourite for me. It has changed the way I prepare to travel on a daily basis. It takes traffic, road works and other intelligence we may not have available into account and often takes me on wonderful routes and roads that I have never used.
  1. Twitter
    I love Twitter. It is the first place I go for breaking news. It gives one the ability to engage with thought leaders around the world. Many of these leaders would not be available to me in a flat world. The platform allows you to develop lists that can help you to manage your interests into different groups. The hashtag allows you to follow a conference of interest without being in the room.
  1. LinkedIn
    As an older freelance professional this is an amazing place to build your profile and to engage with leaders who interest you both locally and globally. Build a solid profile of your work history, add recommendations from those you have worked with and if you are an expert, add content to give your profile credibility and authenticity.  There are many groups to join and places where one can learn. This platform is not just about looking for work but rather a place to build your personal profile.
  1. Blogger
    Everyone can blog and use this space to store their writing. I have been blogging for more than ten years and use this space to share my personal thoughts. If you are wanting to build content for your memoirs or an area of interest this is a great way to do so.
  1. WordPress
    This is a great application for building a website. It is easy to use and has many different applications that you can buy to add to your site as and when you need them. A simple site is easy to do on your own. Should you want to look more professional, build a relationship with a great designer and web engineer who can come alongside you?
  1. PayPal
    This is a great tool when one wants to work globally. One is able to trade, receive payments from any currency and then transfer back to a local bank account. If you are coaching, selling or contemplating running a global business this is a must have tool.
  1. YouTube
    This is an amazing place to watch videos and also to create your own channel. We all have different interests and creating your own account allows you to keep track of talks, music and videos that you want to return to. If you are a visual learner this channel changes one’s life when looking for solutions that we need.

This list may seem like a nightmare for you. Take the time to learn one at a time and ask someone to help you. This is the way we challenge ourselves, grow and stay connected.  Digital literacy and being able to connect are becoming the new reading and writing. Stay updated you will be excited about the opportunities you will discover as you do.

Refirement Network offers workshops and individual coaching on how to plan and engage with these tools. Go to www.refirementnetwork.com  to engage further.









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