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Being a Coach is so rewarding when you see clients succeed and they keep in touch with you about what is happening in their lives, whether it is business or career related or life or retirement challenges, it is so pleasing be able to make a difference in people’s lives.

Sometimes it is important as a Coach to be able to work with someone who can give you that important “lift” when you need it, someone who can appreciate your skills and support your need to move on with your life and venture into new and exciting projects. What would you call this type of skill I wonder, it might be a combination of friendship, sharing new business concepts, coaching and mentoring – Lynda Smith is a Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist and runs Refirement Network – but she is also brilliant at collaborating and sharing ideas.

I am extremely fortunate to have met Lynda Smith a couple of years ago when I moved into the Harties area and we have had a number of discussions around our local community and what might be needed for local residents – this did start with our own Estate but quickly moved on to the community around the Hartbeesport Dam. Attending one of Lynda’s training courses for qualified coaches around “refirement” allowed me to extend my coaching thinking into the needs of pre and post retirement colleagues and the majority of my recent research has been around the longevity risk and healthy, proactive aging. Initially this was for me personally and to extend my own coaching skills and practice but it became clear very quickly that there was a need for more readily available information around retirement issues in South Africa.

Lynda gave me the opportunity to take over her local Harties Facebook page for a few months to be able to post relevant thoughts and ideas and to gauge the responses to certain articles and amusing pictures – this has been invaluable and I really appreciate the trust that Lynda has shown in me, after all I was using her Brand!

It was a delight to be able to present a report to Lynda, after my first three months of research, with suggestions of what we might be able to achieve around the Harties area. Yes I did revert to type and habit – it had to be a formal report with proposals – it is rather difficult to change after 40 plus years in business, however I am happy to confirm that the report was well received :)

One of the proposals to Lynda was to create an “Information and Communication hub” around our local Harties area combining the aspects that the research had indicated our community would like to see and I am pleased to advise that a new entity has been created, called Fifty Plus Harties, to be able to provide this service locally. As Fifty Plus Harties develops it would be great to have input from people who understand that a community focused entity cannot survive without the support of that community so when you have the time or inclination please get in touch by joining through the web site or following the media links below:

Please remember – this entity is still in its start-up phase so your understanding where things are still in progress like the web site is really appreciated!

My grateful thanks to Lynda for her support with this new venture.

Kay Darbourn
Fifty Plus Harties
9 June 2017

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