Top Ten Ideas for work 50+

This list will help you to think through some ideas of the kind of work possibilities that exist as you look at second careers. Remember the world is a constant changing place and we need to keep up and build our skills around technology to assist with many possible jobs on offer.  Here are some of my top ideas for you. Work in this season does not need to be fulltime but rather a mixture of work and play.

  1. Entrepreneurship is a choice many of need to make in this season. Make sure you know what you want to sell and understand how to market yourself.
  2. All services that relate to helping young professional parents with their children. This includes au pairs, tutors, transport services and all kinds of creative ways to keep children busy.
  3. All services that relate to longevity and where more services will be needed for an aging population. This includes caregiving, home services, leisure activities and many more.
  4. Teaching technology skills to older adults and helping them to understand their equipment.
  5. All fields of the GIG/Demand economy where one can earn where a skill is connected to a need. Go to for a comprehensive list of these service providers.
  6. Home services like home décor, handyman, gardening, cooking and many others will be in demand.
  7. Coaches and mentors are in high demand both for the workplace and the many ways in which individuals want to improve their lives.
  8. Virtual assistants and consultants. Use your skills learnt in the market place but now take them onto a virtual platform.
  9. Writers, editors’ designers and English speakers can earn money in many different ways.
  10. Professionals and business experts can offer their skills in many ways through facilitation, speaking, consulting, working with the youth and helping to build our economy.

There are many more options. These are the list for today. Ensure that you are clear about your plan, skills and understand how technology can enable your path. Work with a career coach to help you fine tune your list and skills.


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