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I spend a lot of time engaging with people about planning their next season of life. It normally is at a time when they are about to retire from their career where they have been for the past forty years. They all seem to have two concerns. How long will I live and do I have enough money to sustain myself? Very few at this stage ask questions about their health other than that they are exhausted and cannot wait to get to this line in the sand called retirement.

In the great book published last year called The 100 year life by Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott they are predicting that we are living longer and that the way in which we live, work and play needs adjusting. There are two ways to live longer- living younger for longer or older for longer. The one is a curse and the other a gift. The book also talks about our tangible and intangible assets. Tangible assets are our investments and our intangible assets are our vitality, relationships, new skills, diverse networks and the ability to transform.

Our vitality assets and being able to see this next season as a new sunrise and not a sunset is key to refiring our energy and resilience.  This does not only start at retirement but is key to our day to day living. Being healthy by eating right, getting enough sleep, being part of a community and getting enough exercise to strength our bodies are all key drivers for future success. In many ways our daily job brings structure and purpose to our day. What is going to bring you purpose in your next season. This again takes time and planning over a long period of time. Learning more about who we are, our talents and strengths and what we are passionate about are key to defining our purpose. If you have not done the work earlier on to discover these traits in yourself, you may feel depleted and depressed and not able to build up energy and resilience. We are all taught to save for 40 years for retirement and this is vital but just as important is to ensure that we build the intangible assets.

Why not join us for a series of two webinars to learn more about this topic? It is aimed at all of us who care about our journey through life in this fast paced techno-world we live in. Step back for 30 minutes and come and learn more about this important topic in your life.

These webinars will be co-presented by Joni Peddie (Behavioural Strategist) and Lynda Smith (Refirement Founder and Expert).

Feel free to invite family, colleagues or friends to join us for one or both of these power half hour sessions

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Look forward to chatting to you and engaging more about your own personal journey.

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