A learning opportunity around LONGEVITY globally and what this means for individuals, companies and society

How does one start out on a learning journey about a new area in your life or learn more about a subject you are interested in? In the world twenty years ago, this meant taking up a degree, attending a conference or reading books about the subject. I know for myself when I started Refirement Network almost ten years ago I had to find a way to engage with thought leaders elsewhere in the world as there were very few locally who could engage in a conversation with me.

I am grateful to the internet, social media and especially twitter. The ability to engage and learn from others has always been a great way for me to learn. I have had many online conversations and read many books on the subject of longevity and how this is changing the way we live, work and play. I wanted to be able to understand the mega-trends and then understand how that was impacting South Africa. That is how I have built my knowledge for my business.

At the end of February there will be a virtual summit called AGE WITHOUT BORDERS. What a great opportunity this is for me and many like me who are engaged in this work. This summit is not just for experts in the field but a place where individuals, corporates and society can engage and learn. It may be for you, your parents or your staff. A place where 50 experts from around the world will be talking and engaging on the subject of LONGEVITY. None of us are excluded in this conversation. Babies born today are likely to live to more than 100 and need to prepare differently for living younger, longer.

The summit is virtual and you can watch on your computer, tablet or smartphone and takes place from 26th February to the 4th March.

The summit is FREE if you can watch on the day of the broadcast.

For $97 dollars (less than R1500) you can register to watch at your leisure, receive all the video conversations, podcasts and a summarised workbook with learnings from all the speakers. There are also a number of other give-aways for this price. This price is valid until 1 March.

After 1 March the price is still reasonable at $197.

There is a theme for each of the 7 days.

  • Health and Wellness
  • Tech, Innovation and 50+ entrepreneurship
  • Global leaders creating change
  • Global safari of lifelong learning
  • Retirement, travel and caregiving
  • Finance, housing and mobility
  • Passion, purpose, the role of ageism.

I am grateful for this event, the depth of subject and speakers. I know that I am going to learn so much and excited about attending this event in my own home. What about you? Join me in learning more about the impact of living longer.

How do you take the next step in this process? Follow this link and take a look at the speakers and their subjects and make a decision to engage. Please let me know if you want to know more? I would be happy to guide you. I am privileged to be a speaker at this event and sharing what I have learnt over the last ten years and more about how South Africa is impacted as a developing nation.


The world of learning is now so easy. Hope to see you enjoying the conversations in cyberspace soon.

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