Lioness Leanin Encore Entrepreneur Session

On Tuesday the 18th we celebrated the first Encore event at The Standard Bank Incubator. It was wonderful to host around 50 women over 50 who are focusing on entrepreneurship in this season of their lives.

Melanie Hawken, Founder of Lionesses of Africa opened the event and shared her own epiphany moment when she turned fifty and felt that she had been successful in business but did not feel like she would be leaving a legacy if she continued on the same trajectory into the future. This was the birthing of Lionesses of Africa, a movement supporting female entrepreneurs across the African continent. To date there are more than 200 000 members and growing monthly.

Our first speaker of the morning was Dorothy Van’t Reit, Founder of DVR design and décor consultants. She shared her story of how she started her business and today runs a very successful business where her gift has shone in many people’s homes, offices and hotels. Her advice to us was that our gift will shine wherever we go and this is the way to know what we should be doing with our lives. When we are inspired we need to reflect and plan before we implement. Take the time to breathe and think through your plan before implementing.

Next up was author, speaker and emotional change catalyst, Bridget Edwards. In sharing her story, Bridget helped us to understand that stress is a dream killer, relationship destroyer and silent killer”. Her book STRESS GONE was on display and many in the audience identified how we need to manage our stress in our journey as entrepreneurs.

Jayshree Naidoo, the CEO of the Standard Bank Incubator was up next. Standard Bank is the sponsor of this event and without their vision none of this would be possible. This is a bank with a vision and these events look nothing like a bank. The impact however is deep and difficult to quantify but I have no doubt is helping to build and encourage many to grow their businesses. Thank you Jayshree for believing in this vision and helping women over fifty to remain relevant as we mature.

Lynda Smith from Refirement Network was up last sharing her vision around why we should all REFIRE and not consider retirement at 60. The convergence of longevity and technology are gifting us with an extra season of life. We need to plan for a season of growth, saving longer and enjoying using our passion, gifts and talents to grow our businesses and creating opportunity for others at the same time.

This was the first of many more such events in the future. Stay connected via Lionesses of Africa for details of the next event.

May we fiercely nurture and grow our dreams using our wisdom and talents.

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