Is looking for work when one is older like looking for a needle in a haystack?

In my work at Refirement Network, many people contact me desperate for a work opportunity. I explain that I am not a recruitment agency but rather believe that as a social entrepreneur there must be solutions for South Africa where the skills and wisdom of the older generation can be blended into transformational solutions.

In this past month I have started my dream of a SKILLS BANK. A place where one can list your skills and be seen. You may not be looking for fulltime work, but would love to do some project and contract work. You may only be interested in volunteer work. In this first month more than 50 people have listed their skills. I invite many more of you to do so.

Two things have amazed me in this process. The skills, knowledge and wisdom sitting at home is growing. For a country dealing with transformation there must be solutions that can be found where we can harness this skill and help fix some of our challenges. Secondly, I have been approached by a number of companies looking for a very specific skill that they need. One was just a day a week mentoring a young team, the other a highly skilled position that is not being found by the recruitment agencies. A non-profit also contacted me looking for volunteer teachers to help with a reading program.

I was reminded about what I learnt in Economics 101 many years ago. There needs to be both supply and demand for an economy to thrive. This demographic group have worked for many years and have skills and health on their side. Finding ways for mentoring, teaching, facilitation and coaching are ways in which we can drip feed energy into our economy. The skills bank places you in the supply chain and with marketing and conversations, the demand is starting to flow.

I am currently involved in teaching leadership skills to a group of unemployed youth between the ages of 18-25. They are a great bunch. They need opportunities, but they also need skills. Networking, connecting and collaborating can open doors for them and this process certainly fills my purpose tank.

What may be stopping you from adding your skills? Skills cover a broad range as we have all been involved in different industries. Being a mom, develops many skills and I would love to have more than 100 people in my bank that can help in changing early childhood in our nation by being a support person to a Pre-school.  From the engineers, accounts to those blessed with talents our nation needs you. Please consider adding your details. There are currently no costs involved.

You may be the needle in the haystack. Very difficult to find unless you are listed. Then I can find you when I get the call. Please follow this link to complete your details:

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