Creating a market for economic transformation for the 50+ generation in South Africa

We live in a world that is changing significantly both locally and internationally. Many in our Nation have retired early and others only really had the opportunity to enter the real job market through our political transformation later in life. The convergence of technology and longevity is changing what the world of work looks like. This brings opportunity and challenge and it will depend on your skills, health and attitude as to how you engage in this scenario.

We have a large cohort of youth entering the formal and informal job market. Our legislation is helping to bring transformation economically but the reality is that we have a large skills gap and challenge starting to emerge in business. How and what can we do to help as the elders?

My vision at Refirement Network has always been to find ways to influence individuals 50+ to take on second careers either for money or meaning or both.  Many may need to continue to earn to supplement their investments and others may want to engage in some form of skilled volunteering in a sector they are passionate about.

The REFIREMENT SKILLS BANK is a solution that I am suggesting. Once we have a collective group of skills and willing individuals it is possible to look at solutions for South Africa. Some may find work in the corporate sector, many may become entrepreneurs and some will want to volunteer and work in the transformation sector.  Collaboration and working collectively is a solution. Together we can achieve what we cannot on our own.

The Refirement Skills bank allows you to add your details to a data base. Once your details are in the bank, it is easier to find you when a possibility arises. Collectively 30 engineers may be needed for a project or we may need educators and elders to work in our schools. The care sector is growing and again collectively this process helps us to group skilled caregivers for a project. Inter-generational mentorship is a solution for supporting business and growing the skills of our unemployed youth. The ideas are endless but not possible without a database.

I invite you to join the dream. Add your skills to the database. You will be able to add your CV as well as the skills you have. In the section where you can add your ideas and what you would love to do, please share this as it helps us understand what you really want for yourself in this season of life and how much you want to be involved. This is not a promise of a job, but rather a shared dream where citizens want to add value, earn and make a difference to our beloved country. If you have no idea of what you want in this next season, it may help to work with us in a coaching process to unpack your skills, passion and purpose for your next season.

We invite you to join us in building a database of elders willing to engage and make a difference.


4 thoughts on “Creating a market for economic transformation for the 50+ generation in South Africa

  1. Leo Gitelson says:

    I am willing to join the Skills Bank. My area of expertise is in draughting, mainly in the Mechanical and process piping fields. I have spent 4 years as a lecturer and I feel that I have a good aptitude to impart my knowledge and passion for technical drawing and engineering.

    1. Lynda Smith says:

      Thank you Leo. Please fill in the form at the end of the article to add your skills.
      Here is the link as well:

  2. Denise Morgan says:

    Worked in Admin and credit control for 34yers
    Love cooking

    1. Lynda Smith says:

      Thank you Denise. You need to add your skills via the link n the skills bank.

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