The Refirement 50+ Directory

Refirement Network has a vision and a dream. Our dream is to engage the skills of the older generation in income earning opportunities and transformation processes to build our economy. Longevity and technology are giving us a different future and we need to plan and think through our next life stage carefully taking all these new ideas into account.

How are we going to do this? There are many ways to engage people via Corporates and in Communities. The Refirement Directory is one of the tools we have developed to assist in this process.

What does the directory do and who does it serve? It is a place for anyone who offers any kind of service to the demographic group of the 50+ generation. It may be around housing, finance, leisure, health, travel, technology or many of the other opportunities that exist. It is also a place to go and look for a service that you may not be able to find. Currently this service is free.

The second area where the directory can be most valuable is if you offer a service or classes to this generation. In this way you share your skills and earn through this process. It may be teaching social media, technology, sewing, carpentry, photography and the many other leisure activities that exist. This directory will give you an opportunity to market your services to a niche audience.

Many of us will need to learn the skills of being an entrepreneur. Technology, social media and directories help you to market your services more widely than your own personal base.

I am hoping in time that this directory will also serve a younger generation looking for a specific skill set. Inter-generational solutions is close to my heart and finding the right skill in the right place for the right person at the right time is key. You will not be found if you are not engaging.

Please join us in growing this process. The link to complete is here:

Together we can make a difference. Join us today and share in our vision and dream of growing our economy.

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