Flexible workspace – a place of opportunity

My first encounter of working with a client that used flexible office space was a three day session I had with a company in Sydney, Australia in 2006. We arrived for our first meeting in these fancy offices, overlooking Sydney Harbour. As we arrived the client was given some messages from reception, shown through to a boardroom and refreshments were ready. I later discovered that this was a space where many small companies used flexible usage of their premises and had a space where messages and deliveries could be actioned.

In the world of virtual working and entrepreneurship this kind of space is going to become more needed. The kinds of spaces you chose for your circumstances will depend on what you need. Are you looking for a more formal space or a place where many young entrepreneurs gather? Do you need an office in the city that you can lock up and go to only a few days a week/month? Are you looking for a private space to do coaching or one on one interviews? A boardroom for presentations and workshops? We all have different needs.

Some of the benefits you can have in these environments:

  • Not feeling alone
  • Serviced offices
  • Reception administration
  • Boardroom facilities
  • Office space in more than one city
  • A local office for a global company.
  • Catering on tap
  • Security, cleaning and parking
  • All office installations like phone lines and connectivity already installed
  • Office furniture supplied

I am going to be trying out a new space in the month of September. A great address within walking distance of Gautrain Station in Sandton. I am going to use the space to run a workshop and experience the services. My workshop will be at 106 Johan avenue, Sandton on the 2nd September from 10h00 till 12h30.

Take a look here at the website to see and understand more: http://www.flexibleworkspace.co.za/commercial-property/office-space-johannesburg/office-space-sandton/johan-avenue/

Why not join me at the workshop and experience the space for yourself?

See more details about the workshop under events here: https://www.refirementnetwork.com/events/what-colours-will-your-life-include-beyond-your-formal-career/

The world is changing. Our needs are changing. Where there is change there is also opportunity.


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