Convergence offering new opportunities for the older generation

The convergence of longevity and technology is changing our landscape dramatically. The signs of this change are hitting our shores like a tsunami on a daily basis. Are you prepared for this change and what it may offer you?

Our parents headed into a shorter retirement period without the tools we now have. That means that we need to understand the differences and try and to capture the ones that make sense for our own personal lives. There are many heading towards retirement without enough savings for a longer life and those with money may want to add more skilled volunteering into their lives. There will also be social entrepreneurs wanting to use their skills and passion to walk a new journey and tackle one of the many social challenges we face as a Nation. At this stage of life it is your choice and journey. Make sure that you understand the opportunities and challenges and make the most of this gift.

This new world of work is called the Gig or Demand Economy. It is an environment in which temporary positions are common and organisations or individual’s contract with independent workers for short term assignments. This gives us both an opportunity to earn as well as to engage as a client. You may even be someone who designs and develops a new platform.

Here are three examples that I have discovered where you can earn by joining as a skilled individual.

  1. is a digital health platform connecting medical personnel and auxiliary services for home care. The cost of hospitalisation and post-operative care is costly and engaging the right home care may be the solution. For a child living internationally, being able to manage their elderly parent’s care from another destination is now possible. The possibility to join the platform as a professional or to see the opportunity to start a service into this industry is now possible. Take the time to engage and understand the concept and possibilities.
  2. I was directed to a new South African designed site called This platform has collected all the different technology platforms in one place so that you can find work in a demand economy. It may be writing, design, driving a car or letting out your home. On the other side of the coin these platforms offer services via technology that you may need. You can access these from your armchair.
  3. The third example is a group of young IT techs who have just won the South African leg of Seedstars. The company is called This platform collects artisans and individuals needing projects and work done. This is a wonderful opportunity to change the conversation around job creation and I salute these guys for the work they are doing and wish them well as they go through to an international competition. Fly the flag for technology and change for South Africa.

These are just three examples of this change.  How do you go about understanding your own personal role and journey? This is the kind of coaching undertaken by Refirement Network. We coach and assist people to navigate their own journey. This does not mean that you can’t slow down, move or need to work full time. In fact a number of eggs in your basket is a good strategy.

The older generation is geared with time and skills in hand and may not need to earn a large salary with benefits. This makes this kind of demand economy an ideal playground for this generation. Take time to learn, understand and ride the wave. It could be an exhilarating adventure.

4 thoughts on “Convergence offering new opportunities for the older generation

  1. Moira Allan says:

    Great resources to trampoline into further exploration. Thank you!

    1. Lynda Smith says:

      It certainly is an exciting new springboard.

  2. Renée Campbell Brown says:

    Lynda, I would like to know whether there are any opportunities for people in education. I know, from first hand experience that there is a need for training, in schools, but do not believe that the government, would pay, for this.

    1. Lynda Smith says:

      Thanks for your comment Renee. I am sure there must be. In most cases it comes from a drive of a non profit working with funding to solve these problems. Last year when I was still CEO at BrainBoosters, we were involved in a project of teacher training for 27 schools in the Free State paid by matching funds between 2 No-profits and Free State Department putting in matching funds.

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