The Retirement Lifestyle Expo and going nowhere slowly in the Cape

It was a privilege to speak and share at the Retirement Lifestyle Expo in Cape Town at the end of February. It was both a consumer and trade event. The Trade conference brought together developers and general managers of Retirement Developments to discuss the challenges and opportunities in this industry in South Africa. There is clearly a new generation heading their way and the conference ended with many questions remaining unanswered as to what the future will look like. As a boomer are you planning on moving into a retirement development? Will it be full title or life rights? How important is frail care or do you want home care? These are some of the questions discussed. The sector is clearly growing, but what is unclear is will the next generation want what our parents and grandparents designed?  This is an ongoing discussion but I was pleased to be there to engage and learn and at the same time bring some challenge from a younger generation heading towards this next life stage. I do think that there will be some “Uber” solutions that may completely disrupt the current status quo.

As I now work for myself there was no reason to rush back to Gauteng and I used the opportunity to stay on for ten days in the beautiful Cape. This time was a mixture of some meetings, connecting with old friends and taking a slow drive to Worcester, Greyton and Hermanus. Clearly some of these areas are popular places for retirement. When one works through technology, your work can go with you and you can enjoy a balance of cycles of work and play. I challenge you all to start thinking like this. It allows us to find a new normal. It opens up many opportunities and does not have to cost a fortune. I am grateful to Facebook as it keeps me connected with friends, old and new all over the country and around the globe. I planned my trip having connected in the past few years with a number of people I had lost contact with. A school friend who I last saw in 1971. We connected and it was as if the 45 years just faded as we compared our lives and chatted about who we are and what we love.  My son’s best friend’s parents retired to Greyton, ten years ago. We were able to catch up over lunch and compare stories about our grandbabies.

We have a beautiful country. Going nowhere slowly has always been something I have wanted to do. This trip proved to be all I had dreamed of and more. Time to connect, slow down, walk along the sea, sleep on a wine farm, celebrate life with friends and take myself out of the city.  Our currency is challenging and international travel is becoming more difficult. Why not connect and plan a trip and go nowhere slowly while you continue to work and play?

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