Going Glocal

When I started Refirement Network around ten years ago, I wanted to clearly understand what the trend of longevity meant for the South African market. We reflect two sides of a coin. Many will live longer lives than previous generations due to better health and many may sadly not even see their 60th birthday due to poverty and poor health.

We have about 2 million individuals 50+ who reflect the longevity trend. This group needs to engage, find purpose, work and enjoy life before old age arrives. This group has many opportunities to add value in the health, education, small business and tourism sectors.

There are 78 million baby boomers in the USA who reflect the same journey as the South African two million. Many of them are looking at ways to add value while they travel. Europe and Australia share this as well.

Glocalization is the practice of conducting business according to both local and global considerations. So what can this mean to Boomers around the world? The internet has opened up many amazing opportunities to connect with family and friends globally. It has also opened many possible work opportunities to earn other currencies.

Here are two examples I would like to share:

Teaching and speaking English is a skill that many want to learn. There is a course called TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). I know a gentleman in Bloemfontein who is using this qualification to chat in English to clients in France. He gets up daily and after breakfast moves to his study to start his day with appointments to chat to different clients who want to improve their English. A great way to use your skills and earn foreign currency at the same time.

I have been following a lady on a Facebook group since December as I wanted to learn more about coaching using technology. With my children living internationally, there are times that I would like to visit but continue earning while away. This lady has combined her passion for travel and her skills for coaching and photography to be glocal.  Here is a link to her new website helping others who may be keen to follow an international opportunity http://portablepro.me/portable-careering/

Both these examples may seem far-fetched or out of reach. The reality is that both are possible. The reason many do not step out and do anything new or different is because they don’t believe they can. We are given one life. I am going to use mine as long as I can to make a difference, have fun, challenge myself and leave this world completely used up.

2 thoughts on “ Going Glocal

  1. Audrey says:

    I am planning to sign up for a TEFL course before I retire from my full time job next year. My wish is to be placed in a school in Japan as I am fascinated by the culture in that country. I didn’t think it was possible to use this qualification as you describe in your first story so good to know that if the Japanese trip doesn’t not materialize for some reason, I could have an alternate plan.

  2. Rex Just says:

    I am a retired teacher of 40 years’ experience and a BA Degree. I also have a TEFL Certificate. I am looking for something like the gentleman chatting online to people in France – or any other country for that matter. Options?

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