What is LOVE?

shutterstock_57469663It is amazing as we get close to 14 February how the marketing world hots up around this topic. Just like Christmas and other holidays, the marketers consume our minds and pockets about how important this time is. Daily I get Facebook reminders,emails, sms’s all reminding me about what LOVE is???? I am not cynical or sad because I do not have a partner at this time. I am sad about what the consumer world is doing to us as humans. Love is one of the most important human elements of life and encompasses many levels of love. Love is being there no matter what. We receive different kinds of love from different people in our lives. Love should never die. Each person you have loved and who loved you, helped mold who you have become. The love of a mother and a father starts with the birth of a child and continues into eternity.The love of marriage, promises a bond stronger than any other when Christ is at the center. The love of a friend who walks the journey with you through valleys and mountains.The love of working and serving those less fortunate than you. The LOVE of Christ who died for our sins. Why does God stay with the slow, encouraging way of making righteousness grow rather than avenging it? LOVE- has its’ own power, the only power ultimately capable of conquering the human heart. That is how love is. As we head for the 14th, examine your heart. Mend the bridges that have been broken, love someone who cannot return the favor, share the day with someone special or someone new. Make someone else feel special, but do it with a heart that beats with LOVE of the right kind. With help from reading “The streams of living water”by Richard J Foster.


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