Walking in my own Refirement Career

Refirement is about discovering and knowing your skills, talent and passion and turning this into purpose and change in your later years. The line on my website Refirement Network ( https://www.refirementnetwork.com/) is DON’T RETIRE- REFIRE.

My first 25 years of work life was spent mostly in the parenting industry and early childhood. Smile Education helped to educate parents on how important the first 6 years of life are and that parents are the primary educator. 80% of the brain is developed in this time and unless the “windows of opportunity” are engaged, part of our brain is pruned.

Tomorrow I help launch the pilot project of a new Early Childhood Foundation called Eureka. We will be spearheading a message across South Africa about how important this is and that employers could be the missing piece of the puzzle in helping to unlock improved future Grade 12 results through early parenting and family engagement.

You may be a company interested in the wellness of your employees, a parent wanting to know more or a mom or Refired person looking for a business opportunity where you can make a difference in our nation and at the same time build a business for yourself.
I work daily with BABY BOOMERS. This new role fits so well as I am bridging the gap between BABIES and BOOMERS in my own career and across my mission. Watch this space as I walk the talk of Refirement in action and simultaneously encourage others to do the same. We can all make a difference if we discover who we are, what we love and then step into action

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