The world of work

Every day I get up to work. Sometimes I work for money and sometimes I work for free. At times the work I do for free adds more value to my life than the work I do for money. The worldview is that work = money. Do you agree?
In South Africa we do not have a volunteering mindset. Maybe it is part of our history? The question is how do we change this?
The world of work is changing. We now have more of a portfolio approach where work for money will be one of the components of the whole. Work for many is already not the 8 to 5 world that many of us grew up with. Technology allows work to happen anywhere and anytime 24/7/365. We can work in an office, face to face, at home, locally and globally day or night.
If all of the above are facts that already exist, maybe the question we should be asking is what defines my life and how do I add value.

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