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310520091221I have stumbled across a great blog site called: In some ways I feel as if I know Charlena, even though we have never met. That is one of the great gifts of the Internet. Every now and then one stumbles across someone who seems to reflect your life, inspires one to go to the next level or just to sit back and learn from their story.

Three years ago I took the brave step to live a more authentic life. I wanted to walk in my calling with God. This meant, not taking the first job offer that came my way but rather waiting, praying, and being quiet so that I could gather my thoughts, reflect on where I felt I needed to go and then wait for direction.This was much tougher than I imagined on some days and other days I experienced more peace than I had felt for a decade.

One of the mad things that I did was move out of the city. Many thought I had lost my marbles and why would I move far away from the business world. I know I needed to go where I could heal and re-find myself.

This move to find my destiny also meant that I needed to use my current savings and investments while I waited. Not a clever decision in the text book of financial planning but I know that many entrepreneurs will identify that it is better to chase your passion and dream than to be employed in work that you do not enjoy.

To date I have learnt many lessons on this journey. I have seen the small miracles that I may not have seen had I been working and chasing the corporate world. I have discovered that many friends have stood in the gap for me and this has been a humbling experience. One cannot see these actions or miracles when you rely only on the money you earn. I have always lived an independent life and not needed to rely on others. This has been one of my greatest lessons and I am grateful for each of people in my life who has been there supporting me with my dreams.

This year some doors have opened. Some have closed. Some I have closed. The only way I know to move forward is to make time and space to be quiet. The verse in the bible that comes to mind is….. “Be still and know that I am God”.

I do not know what tomorrow brings, but I do know that space, reflection,Prayer truth and honesty are the stepping stones to my future. If I wait, the LIGHT will come…….

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