One million in my box

shutterstock_691885I have just finished reading a book called STUCK IN HALFTIME by BOB BUFORD. Bob has written a number of books relating to the shifts that happen about halfway through the journey of life. This particular book he wrote because he experienced many people being stuck and not being able to move from success to significance.

The journey of turning the page to a new chapter of life is not as easy as it seems. We struggle because of fear, risk and certain worldly traits that keep us captive. In an earlier book, Bob used an example of asking the following question: What symbol is in your box? In this process, he asks us to define the one symbol that defines most of our decisions. There can be many things in that box. Some of these symbols can be money, power, status, family or your faith. A few years back I did this excercise and placed the CROSS in my box. My faith defines who I am and I try to make as many of my decisions based on biblical principles.

In this new book, he expands this thinking for Christians and asks you to define what you believe your calling is? For what cause do you believe you were uniquely made? This had me back to thinking about my symbol of the cross? I was able to easily define what mine needs to change to. I had never thought about it before but I have two projects very close to my heart that get me up every day. They both share a central number: ONE MILLION

1. Refirement Network has it documented that I get up daily to help influence baby boomers to discover what they love doing and to encourage them to start a Refirement career and to help bring about social change in South Africa. I have a written goal of influencing 100 000 South Africans to have a 10 year Refirement career. This equates to 1 MILLION years of change for South Africa.

2. In my role as CEO of BrainBoosters which forms part of my own Refirement journey, we have a goal to have ONE MILLION parents involved with their 0-6 children by 2015. Parents are the primary educator of their children and can make a major difference to their children’s long term success in life by engaging in play and learning with their children.

This has not been an easy journey. It takes time, prayer and learning to discover the path and the symbol in the box.

I hope these thoughts will help you to think about your own journey and think about the symbol in your box that defines who you are. The symbol can change but will take time and a choice on your part.

Enjoy the journey.


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