Me,Myself and I

shutterstock_3192882Social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are moving from early adopter to main stream stage around the world. I am interested in your thinking around how you use social media?
Is your facebook only for friends?
Why do you use twitter?
Do you use skype only for family?
Have you tried blogging?

Once you have thought about these questions I would like to know if you have thought of an integrated social media strategy for your life?

Why would you avoid sharing information on facebook?

Maybe social media is forcing us to compartmentalise our lives more?If you are comfortable with who you are and the same person for friends, family, work colleagues and your church group you should have one place where all these people get to see you in totality.

Authentic living is when you are the same no matter who you are with.

Does your social media strategy reflect this?

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