Going on a play date

I have been working too much lately and not spending enough time on rest, reflection and creativity. I spend time writing and when one is tired it is difficult to call up the creative side of who we are. Last week I thought that I needed to join a creative writing class..

A few years back I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. She has a sequel called “Walking in this world”. Part of the secret of creativity is to take yourself on a weekly “play date”. This can be a walk, visiting a place that you have never seen, a concert…. just doing something that may stir up the right side of the brain.

I never thought that this would be the case this morning as I went on an outing about how the Hartbeespoort Dam was built. Fresh cool air, interesting conversations, nature at its best, mixed with water, sluice gates and rivers.
As I walked along the bridge I realised that this was a gift. Time to think differently and just enjoy the glory of life around me.

Do we always need to take another class or just give ourselves permission to slow down and do something different?

I have pulled the books out again and will start to build back some of the reminders of the simplicity and beauty of our world.

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher” William Wordsworth

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