Gini coefficient

The Gini coeffecient is a complex calculation. In simple terms it is a measure of the difference between the rich and the poor within a country. The bigger the difference the worse the gap. Sadly this is a South African statistic that we should never be proud of. At the moment we hold the award of having the greatest difference of any nation in the world.

Developing nations will always have this as a challenge. The rich have so much and the poor have so little. This past week I saw a few examples in practice of how simple it is to try and bring some balance.

Our holiday club at our church needed about R135 000 to fund a week long holiday club for the children around Muldersdrift. All avenues of money for this project seemed to be dry but we decided to go ahead and step out in faith and give the kids the best week ever.

A farmer donated 3000 eggs, another organisation offerred to feed the children, someone paid for the T shirts for the leaders, the name tags were donated. The children all went home with clothes and sweets donated by churches and schools from the area. A collaborative team effort by the community made this event possible.
It reminded me of the gini coefficient. Many of us have surplus of so much in our lives and yet there are so many that have none. What will it take for you to give away the few extra balls in your house to a community that has none. Yesterday I heard a sad story of a community close to Rustenburg where the world cup is not evident. There is not even a ball for the children to kick. How sad is that?

I challenge each of you that has more than you need to examine how you can make a difference by just giving away what you will never miss. The attitude of changing this ratio starts in our hearts and minds not in the statistic tables.

Be the GINI in your home and teach your children some real life lessons.

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