Call to Africa

Dot 048 You may live here in Africa or if elsewhere on the planet a piece of your heart still belongs to Africa.
You are a Baby Boomer heading towards retirement and not sure what you will do with your time.
Have you ever considered a travel trip with a difference?
If these statements have you nodding your head you may want to consider being part of helping me make my dream a reality.
I run a company in South Africa called Refirement Network. The focus is on helping the Baby Boomer Generation ( those born between 1946 and 1964) to REFIRE not RETIRE. We are still healthy, have skills and energy and want to still impact the world. There are many options open to this generation. One close to my heart is called Travel with a Purpose.
Would you like to consider a trip to South Africa that includes a game trip, as well as other interesting pursuits like the wine farms and our beautiful beaches? Would you like to combine this with some time impacting a social area close to your heart?
• Working with orphans
• Helping look after Aids babies
• Using your medical skills
• Using your Education skills
• Your business skills
There are so many needs in our beautiful country. We lack skills and enough people to make a difference. Volunteering time and skill will add value to your life and theirs.
If this story has touched you and you want to pursue a conversation.
Please connect with me at and register at to stay in touch with developments around this topic.

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