The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman

I have just finished reading this book. It is a very interesting account of technology and how the world is changing as a result of this change. I recommend it to any person who wants to understand how things are changing. Here is his final few lines of the book”I cannot tell any other society or culture what to say to its own children, but I can tell you what I say to my own : The world is being flattened. I didn’t start it and you can’t stop it, except at a great cost to human development and your own future. But we can manage it, for better or for worse. If it is to be for better, not for worse, then you and your generation must not live in fear of either the terrorists or of tomorrow, of either al-Qaeda or of Infosys. You can flourish in this flat world, but is does take the right imagination and the right motivation. While your lives have been powerfully shaped by 9/11, the world needs you to be forever the generation of 11/9 ( falling of Berlin Wall) – the generation of strategic optimists, the generation with more dreams than memories, the generation that wakes up each morning and not only imagines that things can be better but also acts on that imagination every day.

This book reminded me of the simple challenge that every generation have had to deal with. The battle between good and evil. There is so much good that can come out of change but not everyone is always focussed on that. Just as much there are evil people in the world who use the very same tools for evil. Good needs to overcome evil !!! We need to teach our children solid values by living them ourselves and encouraging each and every person we encounter that we all hold change and choice in our hands daily.

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