Imagine a creative society

Tom Peters writes the following in his book Reimagine – a must read- ” I imagine a truly creative society: each person moves from project to project, from gig to gig. Global Voluntary Communities of Interest, rather than corporations, provide the bedrock upon which we stand. Learning never ceases. Self-reliance is the norm. The society safety net is not a condescending “corporate benefits package”, it attaches to the individual and promotes flexibility throughout a New Global Economy. each career consists of numerous “mini careers” with time-outs along the way. The cubicle slave is dead: long live the Free Agent”
I understand and identify with this quote. I hope that this is the kind of life I am creating around me. I love the fact that I can work virtually and connect and work on a few projects all at the same time. I can also take time out to do other things that do not generate income but are an integral part of who I am. I want to continue learning and stay relevant. Creativity is critical in this kind of world and we all need to find ways to unlock this potential inside of us.

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