Choices and Change- where to live?

As I celebrated my 50th birthday, I realised that I was entering a new season of my life and that there were some important decisions I needed to make. The most important was, where do I want to live? I realised that I had opportunities available to me, that I did not have before.

My children have both married and are living outside of South Africa.
I manage my own business and spend the bulk of my time working from home in Johannesburg.
I was starting to feel fearful about taking early morning and afternoon walks.
and the traffic (as we all know) can be a nightmare.
I started to consider what choices I could make and a full year ago, I took the opportunity of moving to Hartebeespoort Dam. I have loved the changes that this decision has brought about in my life. I would like to share some of the research and choices that may be on your radar screen as you make these decisions. You may be surprised at the options open to you.

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