Boomer memories from my childhood

We all have our own Valiant memories- long drives to seaside holidays, nights at the drive-in, four people on the back seat.

But people from large families will tell you all sorts of stories about the politics on a Valiant’s back seat!!!

These are words I have just read in a book I have just finished.
It is called: On the back roads
Encounters with people and places.
by Dana Snyman

This is a great book about random places and people around this country.
There is a great mixture of interesting stories, people and history.
A fascinating book and a great book for anyone who likes to navigate this wonderful country.
So what were the politics in your car?
I remember so clearly what they were in our family and hence this blog.
We were 4 children and holidays were at least a 10 to 12 hour drive from home to the sea.
We had the following rules:
One in the front with mom and dad.
One lying on the back seat.
One lying on the floor at the back.
One lying on the top shelf in the back.

Every hour or 100 miles we all moved.

This never stopped the old age question:

Are we almost there Dad.
5 c for the first one who could see the sea.

Would love to hear if anyone else has this random type of memory.
This is a comment from the book that I enjoyed:

By travelling – we discover not only this beautiful, awe inspiring earth, we also discover our humanity and that of others.

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