The X Factor

I came across this great piece in the Star newspaper. It reports on some research done by UCT Graduate School of Business. The student who did the research was an MBA graduate.

The research reveals that you do not have to be an intellectual to head up a successful business; all you need are seven basic skills.

I believe these are important skills to create in our lives to enable us to be of value in our community and the world of work.

  • Allow for flexibility in strategy in building an entrepreneurial business and remain adaptable to change
  • A high degree of self awareness, acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses.
  • An emphasis on reflection and taking time out for thinking, assessing and planning.
  • A high level of polarity management. Being able to manage the paradoxes that surface in modern business.
  • Embrace and encourage diversity. Different thoughts, cultures, attitudes, opinions and voices increase the number of ideas and solutions.
  • Linkage of networks. The more people extend their networks, the more they are exposed to a greater number of ideas and solutions for their business.
  • Clarity and connectivity and the rate of information flow.

Given the growing importance of entrepreneurship on the global stage, there is great practical value in being able to identify the traits required to be a successful entrepreneur.