The vision of REFIREMENT in Communities

Refirement Network has a vision to engage a specific demographic group- The 50+ generation called the Baby Boomers. This generation is heading for retirement in the next few years and due to longevity, technology and finance we need to change the way we plan this stage of life.We may have 25-30 healthy years beyond our 50th birthday. Have you planned how you will add value, keep earning and live in this extra season.

In his book, The Abundant Community, John McKnight and Peter Block state the following:
” This kind of abundance becomes possible when we join our neighbours to live and create a community that nurtures our family and makes us useful citizens” Refirement Network would like to co-create this in communities with engaged citizens.

What does this look like?

We will use technology to connect individuals.
We will engage in some community events to learn, share and grow the conversation.
We can share skills and create a platform for money and meaning.
This means that individuals can share what they do and others who may need these skills will be able to find the skills and services needed.
We can also engage with non-profit organisations in the area and find out what skills they need .
Many have time and skills but don’t know where to go to engage.
We can have fun and create events
Young entrepreneurs can engage with skilled wise boomers and together create jobs.

Life is about support, purpose and feeling useful. The more we engage with technology, the more we can become isolated. I hope that this platform will bring us out of our homes into our neighbourhood and make a difference to those around us.

No community can survive without some champions. Are you a champion and willing to engage.
Please let me know if you are keen to become a Refirement champion in your community.