Technology challenges for the Boomer Generation

Technology is transforming the way that people live .It has changed the way that people connect with friends and family, date, manage their money, shop, find information, educate themselves, and pursue their passions. The many technology related terms that are thrown around can boggle the mind РADSL, webcam, 3G, broadband and blogging are just some of the many. How can we learn, ask the right questions and get up to speed so that we too can enjoy what the world has on offer? Five years ago I was a typical Baby Boomer in a senior position. I had a secretary who managed my diary, appointments and all my correspondence. I then chose to leave this world and start working virtually as a consultant. I knew I needed to build my skills and try to get beyond my fear on many concepts that were being discussed that seemed to go right over my head. Fear can stop us from doing so much. I purchased a laptop, found someone who could help me with some basic areas of understanding and then started to practice and become more comfortable with this world that was so new to me. As I went along I continued to ask questions, write down what I needed to know and move out of my comfort zone. I discovered a world out there that I didn’t even know existed. Each new day is now approached with this added dimension to my life. Connecting to my children and other family around the world, doing my banking, searching for travel prices and interesting places to visit, communicating and sharing are just some of my daily activities. In the future, technology will be used in many applications relating to health, security, connecting, educating etc. It is critical that we move beyond our fear and join this new world. It is a dream of mine to assist all Boomers in South Africa to become techno- literate. It is no use just helping the few at the top end of the pyramid but rather we need to ensure that, as a society, all South Africans in the future will have access to computers and connectivity. Please feel free to be in contact with me to discuss this great dream that I have. You may be a boomer needing help or perhaps an angel investor wanting to see this same dream fulfilled. I am ready to talk to all interested parties to see this dream become a reality.PrimeTime