Rent-a-Grandma & Businesses for Boomers

Job Description: Female, 50+, and Grandma-ish

At a time when older female workers are having trouble finding work, a new job opportunity has come along. A Los Angeles company, aptly named Rent-a-Grandma, is employing, at around $13/hour, or $500/week, women age 50+ to baby and even pet sit by the day or long-term. Families with little, if any, access to grandparents, and prefer someone seasoned to a texting teen, are buying the concept. So are granny applicants and entrepreneurs. The first franchise will open in Texas, and Rent-A-Grandma founder plans to have 25 franchises in the US by the end of the year. This would be a good concept for a local company to supply grannies to South African families who might live far from their parents.

Tracking Boomers’ Next Steps

Throughout the world, industries are springing up to cater for the needs and wants of Baby Boomer spending. In 2009, Americans aged over 47 parted with $3.5-trillion for consumer goods and services versus $2.3 trillion for Generation X and the Millennials combined. As a result, entrepreneurs are developing businesses to cater to Boomers’ interests and ambitions. With 40% of boomers stating that they plan to ‘work until they drop,’ businesses are springing up to anticipate their needs, from travel to health to education, and coaching them on starting second, or even third, careers.