Refirement Story : Being a free Spirit in an aging Gypsy

Children are resilient, me too. Circumstances change, I’ll adapt. I loathe mediocrity, dullness and apathy.  My mind renews like shedding skin.  I’ve wept and become strong. I’ve watched a body disintegrate and witnessed a spirit growing until it refused to be encumbered by its heaviness. We age, embrace it; celebrating my independence and freedom.gypsey (2)

Twenty things I do:

  1. Bird watching and listing, in my garden, friends think I’m an expert!
  2. I “see” people and listen to them, enriching my life.
  3. Spike up a boring breakfast with Tipo Tinto and orange juice.
  4. Cook passionately for every person who eats at my table, especially for those I take for granted. It forces me to be creative.
  5. Always have an open mind – change revitalises
  6. Anywhere from home is a “road trip”, include binoculars, camera and picnic basket.
  7. Street photography in my hometown seeing extraordinary things
  8. Hair and nails grow, lipstick washes off, change frequently.
  9. When bad things happen compromise e.g. when I have flu I sleep, a puncture forces us to watch the world go by. Sprain an ankle reason to read. When I’m sad watch a movie.
  10. Be the example that inspires people
  11. Belong to clubs, they motivate, encourage and teach, positive criticism makes me skilled.
  12. Apathy is stagnation, learn new skills and keep up
  13. Be adventurous, conquer fear.
  14. Explore “unchartered” waters. Pack a sleeping bag, and hit the road, just make a left turn and then a right, be surprised.
  15. Writing reviews heightens experiences purposefully.
  16. Learn from examples e.g. Beethoven was deaf, travellers who excite have been blind, Stephan Hawking reached for the stars, Christopher Voelker a brilliant photographer. A 90 year old recites poetry, is au fait with technology, plays Bridge, wears stilettos and considers breast implants! Michael Strauss drove to Italy on a Vespa! What handicaps me?
  17. Never say never. Life is short.
  18. I’ve forgiven myself for mistakes, shortcomings and idiosyncrasies. I’m just human.
  19. I can’t change anyone or their opinions, that’s their problem.
  20. God counts my days and nothing I do can change that, how I spend them is my choice.

Our travel bug has taken us to Namaqualand, Kruger, the Karoo, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. We’ve been to India – which I still dream about; Vietnam, which made me doubt the propaganda I was breastfed, I’ve been to Europe and Canada. I loved Thailand, but abhorred the prostitution. In France I say “I’m home”; England soothed my spirit and Portugal inspired passion. In Germany I cried and witnessed man’s inhumanity. In Mexico I made peace with myself. I am African.

My Motto’s:

  1. Have passport will travel.
  2. He who travel’s light travels far
  3. Never miss an opportunity.
  4. The bottle is always half full.
  5. Laughter is the best medicine.

In 2018 we’ll pack our Overlander and travel, for one day or 10 years who knows.